Is Google constantly listening on your phone? right here are the facts and how to avoid Google from listening to you.

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Is your phone constantly listening to you? walk Google store a log of every little thing you say? and also if so, what deserve to you do around it?

In an age where every device has a microphone and they"re do by suppliers who love to track what you do, these are valid questions. Let"s take a look in ~ the truth behind Google"s recordings and how to stop your phone native listening to you.

Is Google constantly Listening ~ above Android?

before we continue, us should explain what specifically Google records from her Android device. While we"ll summary cover how to avoid Google indigenous listening on iphone later, we emphasis on Android here due to the fact that it"s more relevant.

If you have a certain setup enabled on her phone, speak "OK Google" or "Hey Google" will reason it to listen for a command. Prior to you say this wake phrase, her phone is listening for the keywords, however is not recording every little thing you say and uploading it come Google.

just like with comes to over the Amazon Echo, constantly recording whatever a an equipment hears would an outcome in enormous amounts of useless data. We"ve looked more into whether your phone listens to you for an ext relevant ads, if you"re interested.

even if you don"t have the "OK Google" hotword enabled, you deserve to still usage voice regulates (which Google records too). Tapping the microphone icon on the search bar, or otherwise launching Google Assistant, will both automatically prompt you because that a voice command.

What Google does document are the voice regulates you to speak to your phone. If you speak "OK Google, how old is Jack Black?", Google holds ~ above the question and also a few seconds of former audio.

Google Voice inputting Android
Using Google Assistant Android

just how Do ns Listen to mine Google Recordings?

Google gives a portal because that you to check out all her interactions through its services. This contains voice recordings of her interactions with Google Assistant. You have the right to view this on her phone v the Google group in the Settings app, yet it"s a bit simpler on the web:

apply a filter to only present voice recordings by click Filter by day & product in ~ the optimal of the list, under the find bar. role down and also select just the Voice and also Audio box. If girlfriend want, friend can set a time frame, such together Last 30 days, by making use of the Filter by date ar at the top. Click Apply.

Google Search task Voice Filter
You"ll then view a timeline of all the recordings Google has of her voice activity, beginning with the most recent. Click Details under one entry to see when it occurred, then select View recording to hear it.

by default, this web page bundles close events together. Click a bundle to broaden it if necessary, or pick Item view in ~ the top-left to view them every individually.

Google Voice activity Entry Example

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exactly how to protect against Google indigenous Listening on Android

You can disable Google"s voice recording v a certain toggle in your Android settings. If you like, girlfriend can also go further after an altering this. The below instructions reflect stock Android; the procedure might vary a bit depending on your device.

Turn off "OK Google" on your Phone

The first step is to turn off the "OK Google" detection on her Android phone, i beg your pardon you have the right to do by performing the following:

open Settings on your phone and enter the Google category. Under Services, select Account services. Next, madness Search, Assistant & Voice. struggle Voice top top the resulting page. You"ll check out a Voice Match entry; madness it. Disable the Hey Google slider come disable "OK Google" detection. If you want to erase Google"s file of her voice offered for this attribute from various other devices, insanity the X icon next to their names in ~ the bottom, or choose Remove from eligible devices come erase them all.