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open the account-services attach for Google in the settings app. Google


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choose Search, Assistant & Voice.

5. tap Voice.

6. In the Hey Google section, pick Voice Match.

7. turn off Hey Google through swiping the button to the left.


You deserve to turn off "Hey Google" microphone monitoring with a tap. Google

How to avoid an Android native listening come you by disabling audio monitoring

After disabling Hey Google in the Voice Match menu, as portrayed in the section above, remain in the very same window.

1. insanity Driving Settings.

2. rotate off While driving by swiping the button to the left.


Don"t forget to rotate off surveillance while you"re driving. Google

How to avoid the Google search app from listening come you on her Android

1. beginning the Settings app.

2. madness Apps & Notifications or Apps, depending on your device.

3. choose See all apps if required. Otherwise, role down and also tap Google.

4. choose Permissions.

5. madness Microphone.


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pick Deny to avoid Google from using the mic.


deny Google usage of the microphone to prevent your phone indigenous listening come you. Google
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