The need for reliable and also credible journalism in Canada is greater today than perhaps it has ever been. Ours mission below when it concerns news is simple: assistance Canadian journalism of all sizes.

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Over the past 20 years, we have been working v the news industry and news publishers around the people to develop a far better future for news. We are committed to playing a function alongside other companies, governments and also civil society groups in aiding the digital transformation of newsrooms and supporting top quality journalism and also reporting we all count on. As part of the commitment, this day we’re announcing that we’re rolling the end Google News Showcase, our new product experience and also licensing regime for news, throughout Canada in French and English.

We’re additionally announcing three new partnerships through Les coops de l’Information, Le Devoir and Torstar, who join Black push Media, Glacier Media, The Globe and Mail, Métro Média, Narcity Media, Saltwire Network, village Media and also Winnipeg complimentary Press as partners with Google News Showcase. Together, these partnerships incorporate over 100 publications across the country in both main languages.


These deals stand for support for journalism of every sizes, from the Toronto Star, i m sorry reaches numerous Canadians every month, to an ext regional outlets choose Le Soleil or the Peterborough Examiner. End 90% of News Showcase participants internationally are neighborhood or regional publications.

Driven through our current $1 billion an international investment, News Showcase supports news publishers that space invested in comprehensive current events journalism in the general public interest by providing them a new method to curate their high-quality contents on Google News and also Discover — and all clicks ~ above the write-ups go directly to the publisher’s website. Through News Showcase, these publishers can aid connect your readers through the news that matters to them.

As component of ours licensing faces publishers, we're likewise launching the capability for reader to access select paywalled content. This attribute will give human being the chance to read an ext of a publisher’s content 보다 they would otherwise have access to, while enabling publishers to incentivize an ext readers to end up being subscribers.


This launch builds on News Showcase deals signed with practically 1,000 news publications in an ext than a dozen countries, consisting of India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, France, the U.K., Australia, Czechia, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Colombia and also Argentina.

“Quality, fact-checked journalism is a critical way come connect and also inform people, and also a crucial tool against misinformation. News Showcase will bring more of our award-winning local and also national report to Canadians, and also the world,” claims Jordan Bitove, Toronto Star publisher and Torstar co-owner. “It’s one investment into the future of ours newsrooms, ours top-quality journalism and also the future of news.”

“Google News Showcase supplies us brand-new opportunities to lug the quality regional journalism we produce to much more readers,” claims Stéphane Lavallée, managing Director of Les Coops de l'information. “Enabling much more audiences to affix with contents from our 6 publications is an important step in our recurring digital growth. Ultimately, this new partnership through Google will assist us create even much more relevant and useful contents to the benefit of ours communities.”


“Le Devoir is a proud partner of Google News Showcase. Today’s announcement marks a brand-new era in ours relationship. The is based upon trust and a mutual expertise of our shared responsibility to strengthen the digital media landscape,” states Brian Myles, editor Le Devoir. “Google’s assistance and tools are vital in Le Devoir’s strategy to build a digital audience. Us rely largely on digital subscriptions and our company model is sustainable. In this regard, Google News Showcase fits perfectly with our existing efforts to construct a larger neighborhood of readers. This partnership will carry us a action forward in our digital transformation, while transporting our trusted and fact-based brand of independent journalism to a wider audience.”

News Showcase is just one of the ways we room supporting the news sector in Canada. With our Google News Initiative, we also carry out tools and also training to help journalism in Canada flourish in the digital age. In June, us announced the we’re increasing our investments throughout a number of areas.

Over the following three year we’ll train 5,000 Canadian journalists and journalism student on strengthening digital skills in newsrooms –in enhancement to the 1,000 journalists we’ve already trained come date.

We are broadening our business-oriented workshops for small and mid-sized news organizations on topics consisting of audience development, leader revenue and also advertising revenue. The 10 sessions will certainly be ceded in French and also English and will use our Digital development Program resources and also our award winning News customer Insights tools.

We have likewise just launched our an initial Google News plan Startups boot Camp Canada in partnership v LION Publishers, an eight-week routine that supports a group of aspiring, elevation journalism business man who room launching sustainable news products. Applications are now open until November 14.

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All these efforts represent a collaborative effort between Google and publishers in Canada to contribute to quality journalism in this country. We’re here to support Canadian newsrooms, big and small, so that news can thrive in Canada for years to come.