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World's first underwater 3D map of obstacle Reef revealed(Allyson Horn)"It permits us to take full 360 images every three secs as we're travelling follow me reef environments."

The great Barrier Reef is the latest addition to Google's 3D maps, i m sorry already enable virtual dives of various other reefs around the world.

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The images deserve to be accessed with Google Maps and also have been taped from dozens the reef locations.

"They deserve to go run in the water, go on a virtual dive and see how various the reef is along the 2300 kilometres," grandfather Vevers said.

Google spokesman Shane Treeves hope it gave people across the human being a opportunity to experience the organic wonder.

"To have the ability to Street see underwater come a place where very couple of people deserve to visit permits people come understand how beautiful these places are, no just right here in Australia yet all throughout the world," he said.

"All you need to do is traction your peg man and you have the right to swim essentially underwater from your own residence to discover 360 level images of these locations."

'Reef View' to monitor the health of the natural wonder

Catlin Seaview Survey claimed the project was likewise extremely essential for science, because it created a log in of how the reef right now looks.

Mr Vevers said the researcher will return to the underwater sites in the future, to compare images and also measure the effects of threats like climate change and cyclones.

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"What we've revealed today is one of the most an extensive records the the good Barrier Reef that's ever before been published," that said.

"They can be offered as a very accurate document for monitoring adjust in reef environments."