How to Unblock a Number from Google Voice

This page shows you exactly how to UNBLOCK a phone call number you have previously clogged from in ~ Google Voice.

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Even if the persons phone number, the is currently blocked in Google Voice, go not show up within Google Voice calls, message messages, voicemails or archive, you deserve to still unblock the phone call number.

Some readers may be scratching their head reasoning to us "If i blocked a phone call number in ~ Google Voice, doesn"t your number need to be in Google Voice somewhere?" that is possible that you have actually deleted any kind of previous call or message messages native and/or to the call number you have previously clogged in Google Voice in the past, so currently their phone number is no to be discovered within Google Voice calls, texts, voicemails or archive. If this is the case, this is no a problem and you deserve to still unblock the phone call number

Find the phone call number you great to block by detect a interaction with the phone call number either in ...If you have the right to NOT discover the call number you great to block then ...Use the find Google Voice message box first. Go into the phone number of the human you great to unblock. Chances are, if they are blocked, the search will certainly pull up your phone number. If not, continue to the following step.Either speak to or send a text blog post to the number you great to block. This will cause the phone number to now be presented within the Google Voice user interface so you have the right to block the phone call number.With the phone number you wish to block now appearing within the Google Voice interface, pick that call number through your mouse.Look for the alternatives menu for that phone number i beg your pardon will show up as 3 vertical dots ⋮. Click this to make the food selection appear.Click Unblock Number.This number can now call and text your Google Voice phone number unblocked.
Google Voice Unblock # select Phone menu ⋮ Click Submenu Unblock Number
Google Voice Unblock # pick Phone menu ⋮ Click Submenu Unblock Number

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