You’ll be able to stream and watch Fox News’ coverage of the second and final presidential debate between Joe Biden and also Donald trump no matter where you are

Phil Owen | October 22, 2020

This 2020 presidential choice cycle is, finally, comes to a close as we come at the final presidential debate in between Joe Biden and also Donald trump — with much less than two weeks left to go before Election Day. And, of course, you’ll discover plenty of coverage of this controversy on Fox News.

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So if Fox News is her TV news network the choice, you’ve come to the right location — we’ve got everything you have to know around the channel’s coverage plans for the Thursday, Oct. 22 debate, which room pretty comparable to that coverage arrangement from the first debate and also the angry presidential conflict a pair weeks back.

The dispute itself is reserved for 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Thursday, and also is collection to run for 90 minutes. Fox News’ devoted coverage, which will open up at the scheduled controversy start time, will be anchored through Bret Baier and also Martha MacCallum, as is usually the case with this sort of special coverage. Baier and MacCallum will pertained to you live from external the debate venue in Nashville, and also they’ll be joined by the usual stable of Fox contributors: Dana Perino, Juan Williams, Katie Pavlich, knife Rove, Donna Brazile and also Brit Hume, in addition to some others.

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Bill Hemmer, meanwhile, will administer some coverage for regional Fox affiliates.

With the controversy landing square in the center of primetime, Fox News is going to readjust its schedule a bit. “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle” are both gift bumped two hrs from their normal slots — to 11 p.m. ET for Hannity and also midnight because that Ingraham. You have the right to expect those reflects to serve as expansions of the network’s controversy coverage.

“Fox News
Night v Shannon Bream” will close the end the special conflict programming bloc in ~ 1 a.m. ET.

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If you’re looking come stream Fox News’ coverage of this presidential debate, you’ll have the same choices as usual: the Fox News Go application for mobile devices and TV streaming boxes favor Apple TV and also Roku, and on the Fox News website right here. You will require a precious TV provider login for those options. Totally free trials for online TV services like Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV and the choose are available, as always.

Fox Nation, Fox News’ subscription streaming channel, will likewise feature a conflict special held by Tomi Lahren.

If girlfriend don’t have actually the method to present Fox News, you will certainly still have plenty of cost-free options because that watching the conflict itself, which will certainly be streamed live and for totally free on YouTube by the transfer networks and also C-SPAN, and on Twitter and Facebook. If you go on social media ~ above Thursday night, you’ll most likely accidentally conference a controversy livestream.

Kristen Welker that NBC News will moderate the debate, and also she’ll have one tool at she disposal that the vault moderators did no — a mute button.

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This week’s conflict is the last presidential debate and also the end of the controversy cycle. Typically there are three presidential debates and also one evil presidential debate, yet this time we got one under presidential debate than we typically do. Donald Trump refused to take part in a virtual dispute even though he had tested positive and also treated because that COVID-19 just days before the schedule date.