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~ above Friday night"s illustration of Kitchen Nightmares, shouty chief Gordon Ramsay quit because that the an initial time ever in the show"s 82-episode history. Amy and also Samy Bouzaglo — owners of Amy"s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona — blamed everyone for your troubles, including "haters" and also "bloggers," but not themselves. The owner did no give service staff advice (pocketing the money instead) and also admitted to having actually fired end 100 employees. Said Ramsay: "After around 100 Kitchen Nightmares, ns met 2 owners I can not help, the is since they space incapable the listening."

Update 05/14: Amy"s Baking Company totally freaked the end on Facebook, going after "the Yelpers and also Reddits " and their "WITCH HUNT," calling them "trash," "pathetic," and "OPRESSORS ."

Update 05/15: now they room claiming that their facebook was hacked.

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Two clips: 1. The restaurant owners swearing and also physically threatening diners, and also 2. Gordon Ramsay moving a brutal takedown the the owners:

First up: a clip from prior to Ramsay even showed up. While shoot b-roll the night before, owner Samy Bouzaglo threatened a diner who dared to complain around the hour-plus wait because that a pizza. It got so negative that among the show"s producers had actually to jump in (this rarely ever happens ~ above Kitchen Nightmares). But watch the Bouzaglos for sure freak the posesthe out. They follow the diners outside, yelling pleasantries like, "Fuck you! You item of shit!" and also "You small pansy, obtain out of below don"t you ever come ago here!"

Kitchen Nightmares might be complete of complete fakery, but apparently this was not the instance here. The New Times in reality talked come the diner who said, "The producers told me they had actually never checked out anything choose this." It turns out police did in fact show up to the restaurant since there to be a 911 hangup call.

Later, Ramsay finally shows approximately watch a terrible dinner service full of yelling and also swearing (not by Ramsay). Loads of food gets sent back, a waiter it s okay fired. A conventional night in ~ Amy"s Baking Company. The next morning, Ramsay sits down v the owners who "want come clarify a couple of things." and also by "clarify" they meant they wanted to battered the show. No one quits top top Ramsay though, and he breaks up v them first. Ramsay quietly delivers a crushing verbal beatdown:

I can"t aid people the can"t help themselves and cannot ever before take one ounce of criticism. If you"re no willing come change, I"m no going to target heads, argue, scream... But this is not normal. And also it"s not common for a restaurant to go through that many staff, it"s not normal for a kitchen that small to have 65 items on the menu, and also it"s not typical for the level that animosity the you"ve built inside this restaurant and outside. You can run the company the means you want to operation your business. I have the right to do the right thing. And the right thing for me is to obtain out of here.

And now for the blowback: If it"s any kind of metric, the restaurant has 1 1/2 stars on Yelp. And since the present aired, lots of 1-star reviews have actually been written, consisting of charming advice like, "Amy is PSYCHO.... You room evil..... Acquire help! I view the wild crazy in your eyes."

Even worse than Yelpers, the Bouzaglos call KSAZ the they"ve to be receiving death threats. They likewise claim the "they don"t yell at customers" and "it was all sensationalized." Amy"s Baking firm remains open.

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Update 05/14: Amy"s Baking Company fully freaked out on Facebook, going after ~ "the Yelpers and also Reddits " and also their "WITCH HUNT," calling castle "trash," "pathetic," and also "OPRESSORS ."

Here"s video:

Video: Amy"s Baking company Owners Threaten Diner

Video: Ramsay gives Up

Update 05/14: Amy"s Baking Company totally freaked the end on Facebook, going after ~ "the Yelpers and Reddits " and their "WITCH HUNT," calling castle "trash," "pathetic," and "OPRESSORS ."

Update 05/15: currently they space claiming that their on facebook was hacked.

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