Gordon Ramsay burgess inside world Hollywood in ras Vegas

Ask anyone wherein to find the ideal burger in las Vegas and odds are they will certainly say Gordon Ramsay Burger at world Hollywood. If friend are one of the few people that don’t know who Gordon Ramsay is, that is a british celebrity chef famous for his tv shows and restaurants. You can find the surname Gordon Ramsay on multiple restaurants in las Vegas consisting of Hell’s Kitchen at caesars Palace and also Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at The Linq Promenade.

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This casual gourmet burgess restaurant, well-known as BurGR until 2017, has actually been well-known for countless years, greatly with tourist visiting the las Vegas Strip. So well-known that you can often find a heat of people waiting the end front because that a table. Many visit for the flamed-grilled burgers, hand-cut fries, shakes, and also the 30 foot fire screen prominently located exterior the restaurant at the entrance of earth Hollywood. And, they visit to dine in ~ a restaurant v Gordon Ramsay in the name.

But, through so countless celebrity chefs operating restaurants these days in las Vegas, restaurants require to uncover a method to stand the end from the rest. I heard the burgers at Gordon Ramsay burgess were some of the ideal in las Vegas. But, would certainly it live approximately the hype? And, would it live as much as the name? i went to check it out for myself.

30 Foot Fire Display

30 foot fire display discovered outside the restaurant entrance

Gordon Ramsay is a bold and fiery chef. Likewise bold and also fiery was the 30 foot fire display located at the entrance. This eye-catching wavy wall surface of fire, reminiscent of Hell’s Kitchen, made everyone stop and look, even those no eating at the restaurant. The screen made me excited come eat in ~ a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

Spacious Interior

Spacious internal of the restaurant

The inner of Gordon Ramsay Burger feel spacious and also open, virtually an extension of the world Hollywood casino. The contemporary and industrial décor, while sleek and hip, regulated to enhance the casual ambiance. You can feel comfortable right here in shorts and also sandals or in a suit. There was no dress code.

The subtle British themed décor featured retro tables and seats in addition to the red, blue, and also white color of the Union Jack flag on the walls and booths. The bright and also colorful walls aided to brighten increase the space while the wavy white ceiling added a pop of texture and dimension to the dining room.


Dining room



Found close to the entrance was a small yet sleek bar, the perfect point out to reap a beer or clock a game . In the earlier of the dining room to be an open kitchen wherein you might watch the chefs together they ready burger ~ burger. Adorning the walls were lot of of image of Gordon, in situation you forgot you to be dining at his restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay burgess Menu

The food selection at Gordon Ramsay Burger

The menu at Gordon Ramsay Burger featured eight gourmet burgers, ripe if you count the chicken burger. These burgers differed from the traditional to the distinct with some using ingredients I have never heard of. The restaurant is the only gourmet citizens restaurant on the las Vegas strip that cooks your beef patties over an open up flame over difficult wood. Unfortunately, if you want to substitute a beef patty because that a plant-based patty, that will expense you one extra $6.00 to an currently expensive burger.

Other than burgers, the menu featured warm dogs, a fish and also chips burger, soups, salads, snacks, and an assortment the fries. With burgers offered à la carte, if you want fries, girlfriend will need to order lock separately. When expensive, the fries were large, making castle perfect for sharing.

Drink menu

As because that drinks, you had a selection of fractional drinks, energy drinks, water, coffee, iced tea, wine, cocktails, and also a good selection of beers. Alcohol to be expensive, consisting of $18 cocktails and also $11 beers, so be conscious before ordering. Tip: walk to the nearby ABC keep in the miracle Mile Shops because that a cheap drink before your enjoy the meal or while friend wait for a table.

Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken

The towering Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken

When I observed the Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken ($17.99) on the menu, i knew I had to bespeak it. This burgess featured a crispy chicken patty, fried chicken skins, avocado, marinated tomato, butter lettuce, and also cherry pepper spread. Once the burger arrived on my table, it looked beautiful. It to be so high that ns wasn’t sure how to eat it however I dug ideal in.

While I found the toasted bun to it is in buttery and also soft, as soon as I picked up the burger, the bun started to disintegrate top top the bottom. The culprit can have to be the soggy and also wet butter lettuce. It appeared as if the lettuce to be washed then instantly placed top top the bun, making the soggy. Native this point on, the burger fell apart. But, I maintained on eating.

You can’t go wrong with battered and also deep fried chicken skins. When it can have been crispier, the skins included a salty, wealthy flavor that reminded me of one onion ring. I also enjoyed the creamy, new avocado.

I found the oily breading the the crispy chicken patty, which taste of old fryer oil, to be soggy. It had actually no texture at all. I thought that was bad until i tasted the dry, flaky chicken patty. It tasted choose dry turkey but somehow had a fishy taste to it. I couldn’t think this was served at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

On optimal of the chicken were piece of sweet and tart marinated tomatoes and also an nearly non-existent cherry pepper spread. I observed a few tiny piece of diced peppers installed in the bun, so i guess this is what they dubbed a spread. If ns didn’t look because that it, i would have actually missed it.

I had actually such high wishes when ordering, yet I have the right to say there is no a doubt, this was one of the worst points I have ever eaten. Gordon Ramsay would have actually been embarrassing of this burger. Ns wish I sent it earlier but since they to be closing soon, ns decided against it.

Hell’s Kitchen Burger

The Hell’s Kitchen Burger

I was hoping the Hell’s Kitchen Burger ($17.99) was much better than the Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken. This burger, made through asadero cheese, roasted jalapeños, avocado, roasted tomatoes, and also jalapeño aioli, looked beautiful.

Just together before, the buttery, easy toasted bun did not host up to the juicy patty and also ingredients ~ above top. That was as well soft and soggy for my liking also after a couple of bites. The oily, flavorless jalapeño aioli can have contributed to the soggy bun. Other than the bun and the jalapeño aioli, ns did reap the Hell’s Kitchen Burger. But, this should not it is in happening through an $18 burger.

Beautiful tool rare patty the Hell’s Kitchen Burger

The beef patty was cooked come a perfect tool rare, causing a ruby red and also moist patty. While no overpowering, I might taste a distinctive smoky smell in the patty after gift cooked over an open up flame. A sear ~ above one side of the patty added a crispy texture and smoky flavor. Strangely, the patty was only seared on one side.

When melted, the asadero cheese came to be creamy v a mild flavor comparable to fresh mozzarella. The thick roasted jalapeños, which were roasted until tender yet crunchy, added a smoky and spicy kick. Similarly, the roasted tomatoes included a smoky, sweet component. Surprisingly, the avocado had actually to be my favourite ingredient. It included a much needed creaminess come the burger. Without the avocado, the citizens would have actually been dry.

While the Hell’s Kitchen Burger to be cooked well, and also the ingredients were fresh and also flavorful, ns don’t believe this burger was worth $18.

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Thankfully, I discovered the service at Gordon Ramsay Burger come be far better than the food. The minute I sat down at my table ns was available a menu and a glass that water through a friendly server. Mine food arrived promptly and correctly. With that said, after my food arrived, my server disappeared and also I never saw her again until she lugged the check. I had no difficulty with this due to the fact that I didn’t need anything else. But, it would have been nice if she stopped by the table and also asked how everything was. Ns thought about sending mine chicken burgess back, which I rarely do, yet I never also had the opportunity.


I had such high hopes. Unfortunately, my visit to Gordon Ramsay Burger to be a disappointment. Probably the kitchen was having a bad night. Probably the food short in quality near closing time. Or, maybe I just acquired unlucky. No matter the reason, a restaurant with Gordon Ramsay in the name, offer expensive burgers, need to be organized to greater standards. The Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken to be poorly executed and completely overcooked. The burger on the various other hand, made with a perfect cooked, fresh, smoky patty taste fine. But, the soggy bun just destroyed it. With better choices because that a burger in las Vegas, I simply can’t introduce Gordon Ramsay Burger.


Beef patty cooked well over open up flameSleek and modern décorFriendly service30 foot fire display


OverpricedBun might not hold up come ingredientsPlant-based patty will price you an extra $6.00Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken was a disappointment


Monday-Thursday: 4:00PM-11:00PMFriday-Sunday: 11:00AM-11:00PM


3667 S las Vegas Blvd ras Vegas, NV 89109GPS Coordinates: 36.11061,-115.17227


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