British chief Gordon Ramsay poses at the Trianon royal residence restaurant on in march 20, 2008 in Versailles, west the Paris. (STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP/Getty Images)
He"s recognized for shedding his cool on Hell"s Kitchen, but Gordon Ramsay retained it with each other last night throughout a charming figure on Jimmy Kimmel Live. One thing that seemed a bit curious: The Scottish chef, who over-the-top fact TV persona has made the a hit in the U.S., had never tried the quintessential American munchie: Girl reconnaissance Cookies.

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Maybe he"s an ext of a Jaffa Cake man?

Kimmel set out to change that by supplying a taste check of thin Mints, Samoas and also Tagalongs -- with a glass that milk, naturally -- and Ramsay seemed thoroughly unimpressed, providing amusing quips that may well, as Kimmel noted, reason his visa to be revoked.

"I"m going to very first of every warn you, this is virtually like sacred territory you"re entering here. There"s the American flag ... And also there"s Willie Nelson ... And also then we have actually Girl reconnaissance cookies," Kimmel joked.

The entire interview is fun, yet the taste test begins at minute 1:03.






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