"It"s a way of reclaiming your feeling after you"ve to be so sad and also heartbroken," the Pistol Annies frontwoman says.

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The feisty very first single from Pistol Annies" new album Interstate Gospel, "Got my Name changed Back," make headlines when it to be released—mainly because it called to mental frontwoman Miranda Lambert"s own split from ex-husband Blake Shelton.


v lyrics prefer "I play to win, lookin" back is funny; I damaged his heart and I take it his money," the country singer and her bandmates Ashley Monroe and also Angaleena Presley addressed divorce in a lighthearted way, yet one the resonated v fans.

And now, the ladies space opening up about the story behind the song.

"It"s a means of reclaiming your humor after you"ve been so sad and heartbroken," Miranda defines in a video clip released ~ above the group"s YouTube channel. "To me it"s celebrating reclaiming that component of yourself."

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"I think it"s so crucial for united state to tackle genuine issues and also talk about stuff we"ve been through in our resides with a spin of humor," add to Ashley, who co-wrote the track with Angaleena. "I love come laugh—I think it"s important."

Pistol Annies perform the track live at the 2018 CMA Awards to wide acclaim; Blake did no attend the awards show.


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"We wrote this song and then i told them: "Man, there"s a many of human being right currently who room going through divorces, and they can"t uncover the silver lining," Ashley continued in the video. "And they"re walking to be so happy as soon as they hear this. They"ll be able to dance and also maybe smile for the very first time in a while."



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