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Now that Season 8 episode 2 of Game of Thrones is close to premiering, we recognize a little much more now 보다 we did last week about HBO’s schedule and plans because that the remainder of Game that Thrones.

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Episode title & Details

Out of whatever we know around the Season 8 schedule, there’s one thing we don’t have actually verification on yet and also it’s driving fans crazy. HBO is being tight-lipped about episode titles. Episode 1 of Season 8 was referred to as “Winterfell,” but that location was no released until right as soon as the illustration aired (or soon after.) Interestingly, the was among the leaked guesses for illustration titles, but fans believed it was going to be the location of a later on episode.

At this point in time, the location for illustration 2 has not been released. Part fans have actually reported seeing titles in various other locations, and also so the rumors because that the title include Winter Is here (which was initially guessed together the location for illustration 1) or The Rightful Queen. However so far, every the guesses have actually been wrong. HBO likely won’t release the actual illustration title until right as soon as the episode airs.

At one point, Wikipedia to be edited to perform the upcoming Season 8 episode titles as: The Rightful Queen (2), Winterfell (3), Exodus (4), Ice and also Fire (5), and A Dream of feather (6). However, there was no proof given at every to verify or authenticate these titles, and Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. The titles were later on taken down and are now provided as TBA. A different rumored list declared the titles would certainly be Winter is right here (2), The fight for Dawn (3), A male with honor (4), Ice and also Fire (5), and A Dream of feather (6.) This additionally had no verification or proof and also most viewers think it no accurate. For this reason far, every the guesses about episode titles have been wrong.

Season 8 illustration 2 Release date & Time

The second episode that Season 8 will certainly release ~ above Sunday, April 21, 2019. ~ that, each new episode will certainly air every Sunday night in ~ the exact same time. Unfortunately, over there will just be six episodes. (Note: The release date for the Season 8 premiere in the UK is April 15.)

Each illustration of Game the Thrones will air at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. (In the UK, it will air April 22 at 2 a.m. And also then later at 9 p.m.)

Season 8 Schedule

Episodes will certainly air every Sunday consecutively. This has Mother’s work on might 12 and Easter top top April 21.

Episode 2 will air April 21. Illustration 3 will certainly air April 28. Illustration 4 will certainly air may 5. Illustration 5 will air might 12, and the last episode will air on might 19.

Season 8 episode Lengths

Unfortunately the very first two illustration aren’t as lengthy as fans to be hoping. Below are the lengths because that each illustration in the last season.

Episode 1: 54 minutesEpisode 2: 58 minutesEpisode 3: 1 hour 22 minutesEpisode 4: 1 hour 18 minutesEpisode 5: 1 hour 20 minutesEpisode 6: 1 hour 20 minutes.

No episode is quite reaching the 90-minute length that we had actually originally expected, but the last four episodes will obtain close.

Episode 2 will be command by David Nutter, who likewise directed the premiere.

Season 8 Channel

Game that Thrones will air exclusively on HBO and also its affiliates. Here is a list of the train station that room airing Game that Thrones around the world, courtesy of Reddit. (More good FAQs about the show are obtainable on Reddit here.)

Arab LeagueOSN, MBC4
ArgentinaHBO Argentina
AustriaSky Atlantic HD, TNT Serie, RTL II
Belgium2BE, beTV, Prime, La Deux
Bosnia and HerzegovinaHBO
BrazilHBO Brazil
BulgariaHBO Bulgaria
CanadaHBO Canada, super Écran, Showcase
ChinaCCTV-1 (censored version)
CroatiaHBO, HRT
CyprusANT1 Cyprus
Czech RepublicHBO, CT2
DenmarkHBO Nordic, C More, TV3
EstoniaFox Life, ETV2
FinlandHBO Nordic, C More, Yle TV2
FranceOCS Choc, Canal+
GermanySky Atlantic HD, TNT Serie, RTL II
GreeceNovaCinema 1, NovaCinemaHD, Skai TV
IcelandStöð 2
IndiaHBO India, Star World, Star world Premier HD
IrelandSky Atlantic
IsraelYes Oh
ItalySky Cinema 1, sky Atlantic, Rai 4
JapanStar Channel
KosovoKlan Kosova
LatviaFox Life
MalaysiaHBO Asia
NetherlandsZiggo movie & Series, RTL 4
New ZealandSoHo, Prime
NorwayHBO Nordic, C More, NRK
PakistanHBO Pakistan
PhilippinesHBO Philippines
RussiaFox Life, Ren-TV
SloveniaKanal A, HBO
South AfricaM-Net
South KoreaSCREEN
SpainCanal+, Antena 3, laSexta
SwedenHBO Nordic, C More, SVT1
SwitzerlandTNT Serie, Radio Télévision Suisse
TurkeyCNBC-e, e2, tvyo
UkraineTET, 1+1
United KingdomSky Atlantic, Sky1
United StatesHBO

To uncover out what channel Game the Thrones is on because that you in the U.S., click here to walk to TV Guide’s listings. Then readjust the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your neighborhood provider. You’ll have the ability to scroll under to check out what channel HBO is on in your region.

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