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Helen Sloan/HBO
The eighth and also final season that Game the Thrones kicked turn off on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET through a brand-new title sequence, new alliances, and new theories as to who, if anyone, will certainly sit ~ above the stole Throne once the dust (and snow) settles.

Leading approximately each episode of Season 8, we’ll be going deep on what happened last week through watchthroughs and recaps. We’ll likewise lay the end what to mean in Sunday’s episode, plus how to clock Game that Thrones on your streaming organization of choice.

<Ed. Note: These following two sections contain spoilers for the first episode that Game that Thrones season 8, “Winterfell.” If friend still need to capture up, scroll under to the last section, or examine out our post on just how to clock the season premiere.>

Episode 1 recap: Winterfell

Helen Sloan/HBO Season 8 starts very an in similar way to season 1, v a imperial visit to Winterfell, the seat of the north that gives this illustration its title. “Winterfell” does a most stage setting, acquiring our heroes right into position for the coming faceoff(s) and also clarifying whereby they stand.

White Walkers breach the wall surface and move additional south, bringing their mysterious magic v them. Theon Greyjoy proceeds his redemptive arc by rescuing his sister from your sadistic uncle Euron. Emphasize arise in between Sansa Stark, now the Lady of Winterfell, and Queen Daenerys, who wastes no time in flexing she power. Jaime Lannister come at Winterfell and the very first thing that sees is the piercing rigid of Brandon Stark, now the Three-Eyed Raven, who he recognizes as the young he tried to killing by defenestration. And also a lengthy awaited reunion between Jon and Arya feeling bittersweet, as we’re faced with just how much these two, who grew up together siblings, have changed since they last saw each other...

But about that brothers thing. The best revelation from critical week’s illustration came as soon as Sam revealed come Jon, that lived his entirety life together the bastard that Winterfell, the he’s in truth the trueborn child of Rhaegar Targaryen and also Lyanna Stark and also therefore has the strongest claim to the stole Throne. Of course the audience has known the Jon’s true parentage because the last episode of season 6, however the news comes together a shock come Jon. What this means for the future that his alliance (and romance) with his aunt Daenerys will certainly surely it is in a major plot allude of this final season.

What to mean in illustration 2

HBO released an illustration preview ~ above Thursday, which watch a newly grizzled Jaime Lannister top top trial before Daenerys and also the north lords. Jaime’s redemptive arc appeared to be on one upswing last season, as soon as he finally cut ties with his ultimate poor influence, Cersei. Yet Dany there is no forgotten Jaime’s old nickname, the Kingslayer, which the earned through assassinating her father, the mad King Aerys. Granted, that was after ~ Aerys tried come burn queens Landing come the ground, however it seems unlikely that Dany will certainly accept this justification, especially since she’s presented signs of the mad Queen herself during her reign.

While they’re in ~ it, Sansa will likely contact for justice for her small brother, Bran, who’s turn off in the corner observing the trial/practicing his signature creepy stare. Jaime has his own tiny brother in Winterfell to vouch because that him — these two have been acquiring each various other out the scrapes for almost the entire run the the show — however whether Tyrion is able to convince Targaryens and Starks to work with another Lannister remains to it is in seen.

The remainder of the preview concentrates on fight preparations: shots of siege weapons, men marching v the yard, and Arya illustration a bow when invoking the Many-Faced God. Jon asks Tormund, “How lengthy do us have?” and Tormund’s voiceover replies, ”Before the sunlight comes up tomorrow,” which says an overnight assault by the Night king’s forces. Hope the inner politics in ~ Winterfell will be resolved, or at the very least put top top hold, in time to protect the living from the dead.

HBO likewise dropped some promotional photos that display the Winterfell crew taking part last moment of peace before things pop off.

Where to watch illustration 2

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO illustration 2 will air on HBO and also (drop ~ above streaming services) at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 21. Here’s every the means to watch Game the Thrones, whether directly from HBO or together a streaming company add-on.


Those that subscribe to HBO through a cable or satellite package have the right to stream Game of Thrones live or on demand via the HBO walk service. The HBO Go application is obtainable on many phones, tablets, smart TVs, and also gaming consoles. Check if your an equipment is sustained at HBO’s help Center.

Stream Game that Thrones on HBO Go.


Cord cutters deserve to still watch HBO ~ above the network’s very own platform. HBO now is a stand-alone service, so that doesn’t call for a cable subscription or an additional streaming platform; you stream directly from the HBO currently website or app. A one-week totally free trial is easily accessible — after ~ that, that $14.99 every month.

Stream Game of Thrones on HBO Now.


Hulu additionally offers an HBO add-on for $14.99, which permits live HBO streaming even if it is or no you i ordered it to Hulu’s live TV subscription tier. Subscribing with Hulu, or any other streaming service, likewise grants accessibility to HBO Now.

Stream Game that Thrones ~ above Hulu.

Amazon Channels

In addition to the TV shows and movies available totally free to prime members, Amazon supplies add-on premium subscriptions through the Amazon channels program. The HBO add-on prices $14.99 every month (the exact same as HBO Now).

Stream Game the Thrones ~ above Amazon Channels.

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s own TV subscription service, playstation Vue, is another streaming option. HBO is easily accessible as one add-on come a multi-channel package or as a stand-alone subscription. It prices $14.99 per month either way. The game stations Vue Ultra package, which expenses $79.99 every month, includes HBO and also Showtime.

Stream Game of Thrones ~ above PlayStation Vue.

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DirecTV Now

AT&T’s streaming company is the just subscription that consists of HBO at its base level, despite at $50 every month, it’s the many expensive plan on the market. Because DirecTV currently operates much more like a traditional cable package, subscribers have access to HBO Go, fairly than HBO Now.