Nine months ago, a collection of anonymous Reddit short articles claimed to disclose some significant details around how Game the Thrones would end. In ~ the time, they were mainly ignored and also mocked by the pan who consist of the “Free Folk” subreddit community, but as GoT Season 8 concerns a close, many of those alleged leaks have currently come true. The looks favor this leaker (redditor u/afraidpart) was informing the truth, and also a look ago at their original write-ups may disclose some substantial spoilers about Game the Thrones Season 8, illustration 5, and maybe illustration 6 together well.

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Warning: Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers ahead.

First, this is a rapid rundown of all the details in this nine-month-old Reddit leak (resurfaced by the great Storm that Spoilers podcast) that have already come true in Season 8:

The hill beheads Missandei. (Yep, that happened in illustration 4.)“The undead points are dealt with in the very first three episodes.” (Also true.)

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“Last three episodes are in front of king’s Landing.” (Seems extremely likely.)“Cersei makes a meat shield of every the chaste people.” (Yup.)“Only one dragon is left” and “something to perform with a scorpion needle among the dragons and also the Lannisters.” (They’re talking around Euron killing Rhaegal.)“The undead dragon is do the efforts to death people and also when that breathes fire the flames room coming out of its neck due to the fact that its been hurt … Jon eye kills that dragon.” (Almost correct, however pretty bland close.)

These all turned the end to be true. So what rather did u/afraidpart leak that we have the right to expect to check out in Game that Thrones Season 8, episodes 5 and also 6?

Warning: Huge possible Game that Thrones Season 8 spoiler ahead. This is her last opportunity to revolve back.

Cleganebowl Happens, with a Twist

Unsurprisingly, the Hound and the mountain (aka Sandor and also Gregor Clegane) will ultimately go head-to-head in the fight we’ve been anticipating because that years. Fans also have a surname for this showdown: Cleganebowl.

Here’s what u/afraidpart revealed about the fight:

“He finally takes the helmet turn off the ugly guy.” (So that sounds like the Hound will eliminate his brother’s face-covering helmet to expose his decomposing zombie skin.)“The Hound and his brothers fight and they finish up both dice in fire by falling in.”

We expect this 2nd one no come true. We’d favor to see Sandor endure the end of Game of Thrones, but if he dies, at least he’ll get revenge on his dirtbag brothers first.


Cersei’s fatality May it is in Unsatisfying

Here’s a quick break down of Cersei-related leaks:

“Cersei is the town hall the dragon comes in, and also the witch physician is prefer ‘we should leave’.” (We’re guessing that’s Qyburn.)“There’s a kind of ‘flashback’ wherein she thinks around how she go out up other in she city (I don’t understand what the posesthe he was talking about here, but I taped it anyway) and the dragon blowing things up reminds she of that?” (That sounds favor the time she blew up the Sept that Baelor and also everybody in it.)“Cersei goes into the chambers whereby you an initial see the ‘catapult things’.” (No idea what this means, but maybe Cersei has actually one more secret weapon.)“Jaime mirrors up and also they’re every omg and they host each other and also everything crumbles.”“Cersei and Jaime space holding each other as soon as they die.”

So the sounds like Cersei will die, however she’ll have actually a pretty an excellent death in the eight of she brother/lover.


What around Dany and Jon?

In 2 different articles from u/afraidpart, Daenerys and/or Jon snow either dice or survive. It’s possible Game the Thrones filmed multiple end to stop leaks. So certainly take all of this through a grain of salt.

Here’s one leak that seems to suggest Jon will certainly kill Dany:

Danaerys actually DOES die, she’s eliminated (stabbed ns think) by Jon Snow. She goes ago to the throne room and touches the throne. Has actually no idea WHY he death her, yes a lacking chunk. Yet it wake up in the throne room. Ns asked him why and also he stated he no know and I don’t also think they saw the actual fatality scene, just the fact that she’s dead. So he’s only assuming she gets murdered, otherwise she commits suicide however that doesn’t make much sense. Climate the dragon paris away through her body yet doesn’t kill Snow. One of two people way, she dies.

Beyond that, they also claim the “the dragon beginning the throne room and also fucks shit up,” which sound pretty awesome and would accomplish Dany’s misunderstood Season 2 vision.

Additionally, the leaker claims Tyrion will at some point give up on Dany and also quit his position as Hand the the Queen (possibly ~ she burns under King’s Landing). This is that part of the leak:

When Daenerys is making her speech everyone is mad at her. Tyrion provides some comment (he doesn’t gain sound) and throws his pen (?) top top the ground and also she sends out him to the prison? Idk what was going top top here.

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Arya go … Nothing?

Arya Stark might have currently peaked back at the good Battle the Winterfell, at the very least according to this leaks. They claim that “Arya is useless,” which is a little bit of a disappointment after she headed off to king’s Landing in illustration 4 with some type of goal…

Additionally, the leaker notes the “Jon Snow lastly sees Arya ~ they acquire to the throne.” This one is a little bit harder come parse, but we’re guessing it means Jon will watch Arya usage her Faceless males training to disguise it s her as an additional person, which she hasn’t done since killing Walder Frey.