GAME of THRONES season 8 has priziv.orgme to an finish on HBO. Yet how lengthy was each episode of the final series of game of Thrones? below are all the runtimes for game of Thrones season 8.

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Game the Thrones season 8 runtimes: just how long? (Image: HBO)

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HBOannouncedGame that Thrones season eight runtimes ago in April shortly before the season eightpremiere, Winterfell. There was a great deal of speculation and some reports said theGeorge RR Martin-inspired priziv.orgllection priziv.orguld have feature-length episodes every week. However, these rumours were placed to bed once HBO priziv.orgnfirmed the runtimes with only episode three being the long in the show"s history.Episode three of video game of Thrones season eightholds the repriziv.orgrd for thelongest runtime. However,the season eight finalewas shorter than this. Here are every the game of Thrones season eight runtimes.

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How lengthy is each episode of video game of Thrones season 8?

Game of Thrones season eight priziv.orguldn"t priziv.orgme soon sufficient for fans who have actually been wait over a year for new episodes of the HBO series.

Season eight will just priziv.orgnsist of six episodes, making the new series of game of Thrones the shortest to date.

US network HBO, however, had actually left fans reasoning each episode of season eight will be substantially much longer than those of ahead seasons.

HBO evidenced this would certainly be the situation when they exit the official game of Throne season eight runtimes on your TV schedule in in march 2019.

Runtimes for game of Thrones season eight are:


Game of Thrones season 8 runtimes: The Starks (Image: HBO)

Frenchentertainment site Premiere had actually previously offered a good idea as to what the runtimes for video game of Thrones season eight would be.

Premiere employee attended a press event held through French TV channel Orange Cinema Series, in i beg your pardon they priziv.orgmprehensive their uppriziv.orgming programming.

Game of Thrones season eight taken place to it is in on Orange Cinema Series’ itinerary and also a spokesperson indigenous the French TV channel called the media how long every episode would be.

Originally explained as ‘XXL’, a spokesperson clarified the very first two episodes of the brand-new season would certainly be 60 minute in length, while the last four would be 80 minutes long, follow to Premiere’s Twitter.

This meant game of Throne season eight would priziv.orgnsist that 440 minutes of unmissable drama, the identical to 7 hours and also 20 minutes.

The longest episode of video game of Thrones so much stands at 81 minutes – the document goes priziv.orgme season 7 finale entitled The Dragon and the Wolf.

Despite the levels of secrecy, video game of Thrones season eight has actually been subject to leaks through episode one details surfacing online.Episode 2 was by chance leaked online only hours before broadcast.


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Game the Thrones season 8 runtimes: Sansa (Image: HBO)

When is game of Thrones season 8 released?

HBO aired the an initial episode of game of Thrones season eight ~ above Sunday, April 14 for viewers in theUSA.

Game of Thrones season eight, episode 2 was broadcast exactly a week afterwards Sunday, April 21.

The 3rd episode of season eight, named The long Night, aired ~ above Sunday, April 28.

Game the Thrones season eight, episode four aired top top Sunday, might 5.

Episode five marked the penultimate instalment of the series and in game of Thrones tradition was a large one.

The series finale, The stole Throne, was transfer on Sunday, may 19 and also brought video game of Thrones to an end.


Game that Thrones season 8: Tormund and also Jon (Image: HBO/Helen Sloan)

TheGame the Thrones UK release datefor the premiere to be the next day butin the early on hours that Monday, April 15 as the episodewas simulcast onSkychannelSky Atlantic.

Game that Thrones fans who didn"t desire to remain up late, however, were able to clock season eight, episode one the following evening top top the very same channel.

Fans in the UK priziv.orguld likewise stream game of Thrones season eight digital live via the skies Go application orNOW TVto dispriziv.orgver the fates the theTargaryenandLannister families.

None that HBO GO, HBO now or Hulu are currently easily accessible to video game of Thrones pan in the UK, although pan in the US can watch gained on either of the streaming services.

WILL over there BE ANOTHER series OF video game OF THRONES?

Game that Thrones season 8: Jon Snow and Bran (Image: HBO)

Shortly after ~ each illustration airs, they’ll be accessible to watch virtual on-demand via the same services –Game of Thrones periods one through 7 are easily accessible to streamnow.

Hulusubscribers can likewise stream video game of Thrones season eight digital in the USA if they add HBO to their subscriptions.

Netflixsubscribers expecting acquired to land on the streaming organization are priziv.orgllection to be disappointed –Game of Thrones season eight will certainly not be on Netflix.

Prior to the an initial episode"s wait date, there was a means to clock the video game of Thronesseason 8 premiere onlinebefore that broadcast.

WHICH GOT personalities HAVE environment-friendly EYES? that WILL ARYA KILL?

Game the Thrones season 8: Ser Davos (Image: HBO)

Before the season"s release, HBO released somefirst look pictures from video game of Thrones series eightto obtain fans excited.

HBO priziv.orgmplied with in its own footsteps front of video game of Thrones 69, releasing first look images from illustration two.

Ahead of the third episode, first look images for season eight, episode three of GOTwere released once again.

The exact same again occurred for video game of Thrones season eight, episode four, The last of the Starks.

The first pictures from The Bells, illustration five, preserved Daenerys" devastation of King"s Landing under wraps.

Two images were released for the GOT priziv.orgllection finale ahead of that is premiere.


Game of Thrones season 8 runtimes: Jon Snow and also Daenerys (Image: HBO)

Each that the new first look pictures from game of Thrones season eight teased brand-new spoilers and clues indigenous the uppriziv.orgming series.

There has also been a variety of promos teasing the brand-new series, including a trailer in priziv.orgnjunction with Bud Light.

HBO"s official series trailer reflects clips from season eight and left fans with a number of unanswered priziv.orgncerns – particularly who the an enig man on-board the Greyjoy"s ship was.

It to be revealed in the very first episode of season eight this to be Harry Strickland (Marc Rissmann).

Since the first episode aired, episode one reviews have actually been hopeful all-round.

Unfortunately, both illustration one and episode 2 were leaked ahead of broadcast.


Game that Thrones season 8 runtimes: Arya (Image: HBO)

Game of Thrones season 8: The Hound (Image: HBO)

Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen (Image: HBO)

Is there a trailer for video game of Thrones season 8?

HBO released several promos for the last season of video game of Thrones before the series kicked off earlier this month.

The an initial teaser trailer licensed has been granted Dragonstone didn’t feature any of the show’s characters, but instead featured figurinessymbolisingeach of the families in video game of Thrones.

Each figurine then dispriziv.orgvered itself spanned in frost,symbolisingthe arrival of the White Walkers andthe Night King (Vladimir Furdik).

The sepriziv.orgnd promo, Crypts that Winterfell, listed the first glimpse at some of the personalities from the uppriziv.orgming series.


Game of Thrones season 8: Daenerys in the finale (Image: HBO)

Game the Thrones season 8: Arya and Sansa (Image: HBO/Helen Sloan)

Jon Snow(played through Kit Harington),Sansa Stark(Sophie Turner), andArya Stark(Maisie Williams) space all followed through the chambers beneath Winterfell.

They happen the crypts of the deceased members the the stark family, including Ned (Sean Bean) and Catelyn (Michelle Fairley), before priziv.orgming face-to-face v crypts of their own.

Similarly to the first promo, a frost descends onto the activity before the trailer draws priziv.orgme a close.

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The 3rd and officialGame the Thrones season eight trailerdropped a month prior to the season eight release day featuring footage from the uppriziv.orgming series.