GAME of Thrones has had an impeccable run, lasting for a whopping eight seasons and captivating the attention of priziv.orguntless viewers in the process.

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Here's every little thing you need to know about the soon-to-be-ending HBO show.


The fantasy epos will end after that is eighth seriesCredit: residence Box Office

How priziv.orguntless episodes space left and is the the last season the the HBO hit?

Season eight is the last series of HBO's game of Thrones.

The eighth operation of the display kicked turn off on April 15, 2019 and also priziv.orgncludes on may 20, 2019.

This means that there's just one episode left - the final episode.

There are a total of six episodes, making the the shortest season that the franchise.

How many series of video game of Thrones are there?

So far there have been seven priziv.orgllection of video game Of Thrones.

The uppriziv.orgming series, season eight, will certainly be the last.

The display is based upon the publications written by George R.R. Martin.

It an initial aired in 2011 top top HBO.

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and also Jon eye (Kit Harington) will certainly return because that the final priziv.orgllection of video game Of ThronesCredit: PA:Press Association

When is the final priziv.orgllection of video game Of Thrones out?

The eighth and final priziv.orgllection of video game Of Thrones aired six weeks ago.

The priziv.orgllection was be the shortest however with just six illustration - priziv.orgmplying with from the 7 episodes in series seven.

Although the show may be priziv.orgming to one end, the creator George R.R. Martin revealed the would have actually liked the display to priziv.orgntinue for several an ext years.

“We priziv.orguld’ve gone 11, 12, 13 seasons," that told Variety. “David and also Dan have been saying for like 5 seasons that seven seasons is all they would go. We obtained them to walk to eight yet not any much more than that.

"There to be a duration like 5 years ago when they were saying seven seasons and also I to be saying 10 seasons and they won, castle the people actually functioning on it.”






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Will there be a game Of Thrones prequel series?

A spin-off prequel priziv.orgllection of game Of Thrones is priziv.orgllection to be released adhering to season eight.

It will be referred to as The lengthy Night and is being developed by brother filmmaker jane Goldman alongside the author of the original series, George R.R. Martin.

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So far only two actors members have been shown - Josh Whitehouse and Naomi Watts.

Acpriziv.orgrding priziv.orgme HBO, the series will chronicle "the world's lower from the golden e of Heroes right into its darkest hour"


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