Yesterday, second of February, the 33rd edition the the Spanish “Oscars”, the Goya Awards, was celebrated in Seville.

Organized through the Academy that Motion picture Arts and also Sciences the Spain, they have actually the objective of rewarding the best professionals in each of the various specialties that the sector, both technical and also creative.

El Reino (The Realm) to be the film the got an ext Goya Awards, 7 in total, consisting of Best Direction, ideal Script, finest Actor, and also Best initial music/score.

Divided right into a total of 28 categories, here you have the winners/nominees of the music categories:

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Best original music/score

Olivier Arson – El reino (The Realm)Iván Palomares – En ras estrellasManuel Riveiro, Xavi Font – La sombra de la leyAlberto Iglesias – Yuli

Best original song

Coque Malla – Este es el momento (Movie: Campeones)Paco de la Rosa – Me vas a extrañar (Movie: Carmen y Lola)Roque Baños, Tessy Díez Martín – Tarde azul de abril (Movie: El hombre que mató a Don Quijote)Javier Limón – Una de esas noches sin final (Movie: Por Todos lo saben)

The finish list of winners and also nominees have the right to be found at the complying with link:

Goya Awards 35th version – Nominees
Goya Awards 35th edition – Winners
34th execution of the Goya Awards – Meeting v the composers nominated because that the finest original soundtrack
Feroz Awards 2017 – Nominees

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Feroz Awards 2017 – Winners