Watch the end Winsdors! The royal family members of Monaco, the Grimaldis, can be giving their british counterparts a operation for their money. How can they not with Princess Grace together a relative?

The Princess of Monaco to be married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco and also together they had actually three children: Caroline, Princess that Hanover, Albert II, Prince the Monaco and Stephanie, Princess of Monaco. Your three kids went ~ above to have actually 11 children of their own between them. Of course, grace Kelly"s grandchildren it seems ~ to have actually inherited she understated sophistication and also elegance– no to point out iconic fashion sense, a combination that is quickly making lock the royals come watch. In a year full of Monegasque engagements, births, and significant fashion moments there"s no better time come dust increase on the Grimaldi family tree and the next generation the the royals of Monaco.

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Andrea Casiraghi


Age: 26

Parents: Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet

Line the Succession: 14th

It was rather the scandal once Princess Stéphanie married Louis"s father, her previous bodyguard Daniel Ducruet. Prince Rainier ultimately gave his permission for the couple to marry in 1995, ~ Louis and also his younger sisters Pauline were born, however they divorced a year later. Louis attended north Carolina"s west Carolina university where that met his future fiancée, the pair became engaged in February in Vietnam. Ducruet functions as a scout for the together Monaco football club.


Age: 26

Parents: Prince Albert II the Monaco and Tamara Rotolo

Line the Succession: Not eligible

Jazmin grace Grimaldi was publicly revealed as the oldest child the Prince Albert II, born out of wedlock to previous waitress Tamara Rotolo, in 2006 as soon as she to be an eighth-grader life in California. Jazmin"s birth standing is considered illegitimate so she walk not have a location or any kind of claim come the Monegasque throne. After ~ attending Fordham college in new York City, Jazmin began making more public appearances and also is currently a fixture top top the social scene. In 2006 she began the Jazmin Fund, a humanitarian charity aimed to enhance the resides of people in Fiji.

Age: 24

Parents: Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and also Daniel Ducruet

Line of Succession: 15th

Pauline Ducruet invested a section of her childhood living through a circus together with her siblings and mother, that was dating the elephant trainer. The Parsons graduate and also former Vogue intern has inherited she grandmother"s sense for format as she have the right to be spotted in the former row during fashion week and also is at this time designing her very own unisex fashion label.

Camille increased Gottlieb
Age: 20

Parents: Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Jean-Raymond Gottlieb

Line that Succession: Not eligible

Princess Stéphanie"s youngest child, Camille, is not eligible for the Monegasque throne as she to be born out of wedlock and her parents never ever married. In fact, the identity of Camille"s dad was retained hidden and also not noted on she birth certificate. Camille has actually personally shown Jean-Raymond, a former palace guard, together her father, both in surname and also through acknowledgement on Instagram. The 20- year old, who bears a striking same to she grandmother elegant Kelly, lives in Monaco City.

Age: 19

Parents: Princess Caroline that Hanover and also Prince ernst August of Hanover

Line the Succession: 12th

The youngest child of Princess Caroline and the just from her marital relationship to serious August the Hanover, Princess Alexandra that Hanover is an achieved competitive number skater and also budding fashionista, regularly attending Paris fashion week. Together a descendent of both Prince Rainier the Monaco on she mother"s side and also of Queen Victoria on her father"s side, Alexandra was eligible to both the Monegasque and also British thrones. In 2018 she convert to Catholicism and also was subsequently gotten rid of from the British line of succession.

Alexandre Eric Stéphane Grimaldi-Coste
Age: 15

Parents: Prince Albert II of Monaco and also Nicole Coste

Line the Succession: Not eligible

Prince Albert confirmed he to be the dad of then 21-month old Alexandre in 2005. His mother, former Air France trip attendant Nicole Coste, and also the prince had been previously associated in a relationship however never married, causing Alexandre to have actually no title or insurance claim to the Monegasque throne. Alexandre, gift under the age of 18, leads a fairly private life. His mom Nicole is currently a fashion designer for her very own label in London. Prince Albert is said to have a an excellent relationship through his eldest son as the two room pictured here on Instagram in July in ~ his confirmation.

Age: 3

Parents: Prince Albert II of Monaco and also Princess Charlene the Monaco

Line that Succession: 1st and 2nd

Though they room twins, Prince Jacques, the 1st heir to the Monegasque throne as result of constitutional restraints, if his contempt older sister Princess Gabriella is second in line to the throne. The royal twins room quickly recording the public"s hearts v their sweet moment at public appearances; they began school this year, visited the Élysée palace to have tea with French an initial Lady Brigitte Macron, and participated in Monaco"s nationwide Day celebrations once Jacques"s activity figure dropped indigenous the balcony in an beloved mishap.

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