John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace neighborhood Church, and an author, conference speaker,chancellor of The Master's University and Seminary, and also featured teacher with the elegant to you media ministry.

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In 1969, ~ graduating from Talbot Theological Seminary, John involved Grace ar Church. The focus of his pulpit set is the cautious study and also verse-by-verse exposition the the Bible, v special attention devoted to the historical and also grammatical elevator behind every passage. Under John's leadership, Grace community Church's two morning worship services fill the 3,500-seat auditorium come capacity. Several thousand members get involved every main in dozens of fellowship groups and also training programs, most led by place leaders and each dedicated to equipping members for ministry on local, national, and international levels.

In 1985, John ended up being president the The Master's university (formerly Los Angeles Baptist College), one accredited, four-year liberal arts Christian university in Santa Clarita, California. In 1986, John established The Master's Seminary, a graduate school committed to training males for permanent pastoral roles and also missionary work.

John is additionally president and also featured teacher v Grace come You. Established in 1969, grace to girlfriend is the nonprofit organization responsible for developing, producing, and also distributing John's books, audio resources, and also the “Grace to You” radio and television programs. “Grace come You” radio airs an ext than 1,000 times daily throughout the English-speaking world, reaching major population centers top top every continent of the world. It also airs almost 1,000 times daily in Spanish, getting to 23 countries from Europe come Latin America. “Grace come You” television airs weekly top top DirecTV in the unified States, and also is obtainable for free on the web worldwide. Every one of John's 3,000 sermons, spanning an ext than four years of ministry, are available for complimentary on the elegant to you website.

Since perfect his first best-selling bookThe Gospel follow to Jesusin 1988, John has written virtually 400 books and also study guides, includingOur Sufficiency in Christ,Strange Fire,Ashamed the the Gospel,The murder of Jesus,A story of 2 Sons,Twelve ordinary Men,The reality War, The Jesus you Can't Ignore, Slave, One Perfect Life,andThe MacArthur brand-new Testament Commentaryseries. John's titles have been analyzed into an ext than two dozen languages.The MacArthur examine Bible, the cornerstone source of his ministry, is accessible in English (NKJ, NAS, and ESV), Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese.

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John and also his wife, Patricia, live in southerly California and have four married children: Matt, Marcy, Mark, and Melinda. They likewise enjoy the enthusiastic firm of their fifteen grandchildren.