Graffiti is a problem for historic monuments worldwide and a special section is a smart solution that might likely end up being an attraction in its own right.

Samantha Shankman


Tourists regularly leave their mark on destinations they visit. But in the situation of the an excellent Wall the China, the problem is more literal; graffiti in the form of surname scratched into the stone are damaging the old monument.

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At the an ext popular sections of the wall, the trouble has end up being so poor that authorities are trying a brand-new approach to staying clear of it. Top top Sunday, Chinese news outlets reported that a details graffiti area will certainly be developed at the Mutianyu section of the wall where visitors will be complimentary to leaving their mark in the hope of comprise the scribbling, which, follow to reports, is more likely to it is in in foreign languages (mostly English) 보다 it is Chinese.

The graffiti ar will be collection up at among the fighting towers the has end up being a common place for tourists come scrawl ~ above the walls. Authorities have additionally aired the idea of setup up an digital touch-screen graffiti wall surface in the future. Digital walls have proved famous in China in the past and last year 3 were collection up at one more popular traveler attraction, Yellow Crane Tower Park in Wuhan, to handle the same problem.

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Still, it is not just old sites in China that battle with graffiti. Last May, the parents of a Chinese teens were compelled to apologise ~ photos to be posted online of their son’s surname scratched into the wall of a 3,500 year old temple in Egypt.

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