Bad Bunny, left, Natalia Lafourcade and also Camilo are amongst the optimal nominees because that this year Latin Grammy Awards.

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Lee toda la lista de nominados en español.

Colombian pop singer-songwriter Camilo and also Dominican bachata pioneer Juan louis Guerra lead this year’s nominees for the 22nd Latin Grammy Awards.

Camilo is nominated in 10 categories, including album that the year, tune of the year and also record the the year, because that which he’s double nominated: for “Vida de Rico” and “Amén.” The last is a cooperation with his wife, Evaluna Montaner, her brothers Mau y Ricky and also their father, Argentine-Venezuelan hitmaker Ricardo Montaner.

Guerra’s six nominations incorporate album that the year and also record the the year. He’s additionally a contender in the tropical and traditional pop vocal categories, because that songs native his “Privé" EP.

C. Tangana, the Spanish rapper-singer who won 2 Latin Grammys for songwriting on Rosalía’s “El Mal Querer,” scored five nominations, consisting of album the the year for “El Madrileño.” His “Te Olvidaste,” which functions first-time nominee and also L.A.-based indie rocker Omar Apollo, is nominated for document of the year.


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Bad hare is in the to run for 4 awards this year, including album of the year because that “El Último tour del Mundo.” “Dákiti,” his joint reggaetón-pop hit through Jhay Cortez, made background when it topped both the Billboard warm Latin songs chart and the worldwide 200; it peaked at No. 5 top top the warm 100. Still, “Dákiti” was not nominated because that either document or tune of the year; instead, the is up for best urban song.

Regional mexican music is sparsely represented in major categories this year. Many notably, “Que Se Sepa Nuestro Amor,” the steamy mariachi duet by Mon Laferte and also Alejandro Fernández, is nominated for track of the year, if “Un Canto por México, Vol. II,” through 14-time Latin Grammy winner Natalia Lafourcade, is up for album of the year. (Lafourcade winner album that the year in 2020 because that “Un Canto por México, Vol. I.”)

Women do up an ext than fifty percent of the 11 best new artist nominees; among them room Chilean-American R&B star Paloma Mami, Argentine YouTuber-turned-singer María Becerra and also queer Dominican artist and also novelist Rita Indiana.

After being passed over for best brand-new artist in 2020, Puerto Rican metropolitan star Rauw Alejandro received record and also song the the year nominations because that his 2021 disco-revival smash “Todo de Ti.” His solitary with Camilo, “Tattoo (Remix),” is nominated for city fusion/performance.

Reggaetón star J Balvin, who formerly criticized the Latin record Academy for overlooking the genre, is nominated for tune of the year and urban song for “Agua,” his teamwork with Tainy. “Agua” was the lead solitary from the soundtrack for “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run.”

“Patria y Vida,” i beg your pardon was adopted by protesters throughout this summer’s uprisings against the Cuban government, is nominated for track of the year and also urban song. The collaboration amongst Cuban artist — both living on and exiled from the island — has actually resonated far beyond the country and also its diaspora. The tune is carry out by Gente de Zona, Yotuel Romero the Orishas, Descemer Bueno, Eliécer “El Funky” Márquez and Maykel Osorbo, a rapper who reportedly has actually been detained in Cuba because May 18.

The Weeknd, who in November dubbed the English-language Grammys “corrupt” after the failed come receive any type of nominations, has been nominated because that a Latin Grammy. “Hawái (Remix),” his hit song with Colombian pop star Maluma, is nominated for metropolitan fusion/performance.

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After a COVID-conscious digital ceremony in 2020, this year’s Latin Grammys will be transfer from the MGM grand Garden Arena in ras Vegas top top Nov. 18.

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