Kacey Musgraves accepts the award for best Country Album through "Golden Hour" throughout the 61st Annual... <+> Grammy Awards ~ above February 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP)


Kacey Musgraves finisheda gold run at the 61st annual Grammy Awards v winning the coveted Album the the Year trophy.

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Musgraves won because that the 2018 full-lengthGolden Hour, her 4th Grammy that the night. The albumcomes co-produced through Musgraves, Ian Fitchuk, and also Daniel Tashian. She also took house awards for finest Country Album, finest Country Song and Best nation Solo Performance.

"It to be unbelievable to be also in a group with such gigantic albums ... It"s yes, really crazy. But I"m really thankful," she stated in an accept speech. "Life is nice tumultuous right now for every one of us. I feel like, since of that, art is really thriving and also it"s been really beautiful to watch that. I would have nothing there is no songs. To me, it"s just all around the songs."

Prior come Sunday night, Musgraves had actually earned two career Grammy Awards: ideal Country Album forSame Trailer various ParkAnd finest Country tune for "Merry walk "Round"in 2014. The last country release to success Album the the Year came in 2010, v Taylor Swift"sFearless.

Led by singles "Butterflies" and also "Space Cowboy," the acclaimed Golden Hourdebuted in ~ No. 4 ~ above the Billboard 200 and No. 1 ~ above Top nation Albums chart last year. The albumkicked turn off award season dominationin November, win album that the year at the CMA Awards.

Musgraves beat a worthy perform of nominees, including H.E.R., Brandi Carlile, Drake,Black Panther: The Album (various artists), article Malone, Cardi B and also Janelle Monáe. This marked the very first Grammys due to the fact that the record Academy expanded nominee fieldsfor major awards from 5 artists to eight.

Recent winners the Album the the Year encompass Bruno Mars in 2018, Adele in 2017 and also Taylor Swift in 2016.

See full results from the 61st yearly Grammy Awards here.

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