Often called "The cool Canyon that Maine," Gulf Hagas functions a rugged and remote follow network follow me a deep river gorge with many scenic waterfalls.

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This is a busy trail system, especially on weekends between 9AM-4PM. Take into consideration visiting outside of peak periods. Usage Maine trace Finder to recognize other adjacent trails. If the parking lot of is complete when girlfriend arrive, you re welcome choose another trail.

The West Branch the the Pleasant flow descends 400 feet v Gulf Hagas over the course of 4 miles in a collection of waterfalls. Regardless of its remote location, the Gulf Hagas trails are a well-known hiking location due come the slim beauty the the area.

From the Gulf Hagas Parking Area, take trip 0.2 mile on the blue-blazed trail to the Appalachian follow (AT) junction. Gulf Hagas is to the right. The AT, which has white blazes, crosses the West Branch that the pleasant River soon after the intersection. This river should be forded together there is no bridge, and it is regularly knee-deep and 100-feet wide. In high water (such as during the spring, or after ~ a big amount the rainfall), take into consideration using the Head of the Gulf Parking Area rather to accessibility Gulf Hagas, as that trailhead gives a bridge across the river. After the crossing, the in ~ goes v the Hermitage, a stand of old-growth white jaw trees.

1.3 mile from the river, the blue-blazed pickled in salt Trail branches to the left off of the AT. The pickled in salt Trail provides countless lookout points come multiple waterfalls together it traverses next to the gorge. The pickled in salt Trail crosses Gulf Hagas Brook just after the intersection. This is commonly a rock-hop, but could be a ford at high water. Over there is a brief side trail to Screw Auger drops 0.2 miles previous the start of the pickled in salt Trail, i beg your pardon is a great destination for a 3.5-mile round pilgrimage hike. Otherwise, many human being continue along the length of the rim Trail to watch the totality of the Gulf. There are many side trails to viewpoints and waterfalls. Running parallel come the rim Trail is the blue-blazed Pleasant flow Tote Road, which have the right to be accessed at several points, and also is often used top top the method back, as it is easier and also faster than the rim Trail. A finish loop of the pickled in salt Trail and also the Pleasant river Tote roadway is one 8-mile hike when accessed via the at from the Gulf Hagas Parking Area, or 8.6 miles as soon as accessed via the Head that the Gulf Trail indigenous the Head the the Gulf Parking Area.

Hikers can create a longer loop by making use of the blue-blazed Gulf Hagas Cut-off trail. This follow connects indigenous the pickled in salt Trail and also Pleasant flow Tote roadway to the in ~ 0.7 miles north the the in salt Trail - at intersection.

The Gulf Hagas trails have rough footing, therefore some experience hiking and great sturdy footwear are needed. A go stick for balance can be helpful for the river crossing. Some civilization opt to bring sandals for the river crossing so as to keep your hiking shoes dry, but note the this makes it much easier to on slide on the rocky river-bed.Additionally, the trace is in a remote place with an extremely unreliable cell-service, for this reason a physics map and also compass and knowledge of exactly how to usage them room strongly recommended. In-depth maps that Gulf Hagas are obtainable for acquisition at the KI-Jo Mary forest Checkpoint, or top top theNorth Maine Woods website.

Other Information

Fees - To accessibility the Gulf Hagas area via vehicle, one must pass through private land which has an associated fee accumulated by north Maine Woods, Inc. The day usage fee (as that 2021) is $11 because that Maine Residents, $16 for non-Maine residents with kids under 18 or adult over 70 totally free (more info on your website). Only cash and also checks room accepted. Camping and fires space prohibited within the Gulf Hagas area, though there are adjacent sites that can be booked with phibìc Maine Woods because that a fee. The accessibility road is an unpaved and generally unsigned logging road, wherein logging trucks have actually right-of-way and bicycles are banned.

The Appalachian Trail - execute not underestimate the difficulty of long the Appalachian follow (A.T.) and also associated side trails in Maine. Be certain to lug equipment and also supplies essential for this undertaking and be all set for complicated weather conditions. You re welcome educate yourself prior to hiking, so the you can have the knowledge and an abilities necessaryfor one enjoyable and safe hike. Fires are only allowed in the noted fireplace ring at developed campsites; that is illegal in Maine to construct a fire elsewhere.

The Appalachian nationwide Scenic Trail runs from Maine to Georgia along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains. The is controlled cooperatively by the nationwide Park Service, the Appalachian trace Conservancy, and 31 trail-maintaining clubs in addition to other federal and also state land managers whose floor the follow crosses. Over 3 million people visit the A.T. Every year. Because its inception in the 1920s, thousands of volunteers have worked tirelessly to maintain, manage, and also protect the Appalachian Trail.

In Maine, the all-volunteer Maine Appalachian Trail club (MATC) maintains and protects the 267-mile ar of the Appalachian Trail expanding from Katahdin in Baxter State Park to Grafton Notch at ME-26. In addition, MATC maintains over 60 miles of next trails and a device of regularly-spaced shelters and also campsites to preserve accessibility to wild, backcountry long walking in Maine. MATC publishes The official Appalachian Trail guide to Maine, which has seven maps, you re welcome visit their website for info on exactly how to acquisition the guide or to learn more about becoming a member of MATC.

Additional details for Head of the Gulf Trail:

Natural legacy Hikes is a task of theMaine Natural areas Programin cooperation withMaine trace Finder. Check out the "Gulf Hagas - Head that Gulf Trail" guide online here.


This trace passes v a building that was acquired in component with accumulation from the Land for Maine’s Future program.For much more information around the LMF program and the areas it has helped toprotect, please visit theLMF webpage.

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Trail Manager

The Gulf Hagas trails are regulated by the Maine Appalachian follow Club, as part of the Appalachian trace Corridor.VisitMaine Appalachian follow Clubonline for an ext information or use the contact information below.