High temperature: 35°F (2°C)Low temperature: 14°F (-10°C)Hours daylight/sun: 5 hoursWater temperature: 20°F (-7°C)

Winter has certainly arrived in grand Teton national Park in November. Temperature can already be together cold together lows of 14°F (-10°C) and hardly ever reach above highs the 35°F (2°C). Over there are currently 12 customs (30 cm) of snowfall on median in November. The sun is out for 5 hours per day on average.

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Head to cool Teton nationwide Park in November because that a actual winter feeling and also some super cheap rates. There could be sufficient snow for a tiny bit that snowshoeing or cross country skiing yet the suitable ski season in the adjacent Jackson feet starts in late November. Countless of the roadways in the park begin to near in November.

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Water Temperature in November °F

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Best Time to Visit cool Teton nationwide Park

The ideal time to visit cool Teton national Park is absolutely summer. Particularly in midsummer it gets beautifully warm during the job however, even in summer nights cool down a lot. Fall as well will carry out you v some lovely clear days but by then nights currently get together cold as lows of 24°F (-5°C). It has tendency to be rather rainy, particularly in spring. July is the the very least rainy month. Winter are very cold v enormous quantities of snow. Right for cross nation skiing, snowshoeing or skiing in Jackson Hole for example. Countless roads room closed throughout that time.

Things come know about Grand Teton nationwide Park

There room so numerous ways to check out Grand Teton national Park so friend can select transport techniques other than purely by car.



Hiking and also Mountain Climbing

200 mile of hiking courses lead v Grand Teton nationwide Park and allow incredible see of the distinctive landscape through its spiky mountains.

From simple walks approximately Lake Jenny or Leigh come doable hikes increase the high mountains or much more strenuous hikes right into the backcountry- every little thing is possible. Every you require for your exploration, consisting of topographic maps and tour guides, is provided in the visitor centers.

If you don’t fancy hiking around on her own, you will have the ability to join guided tours (including wildlife tours and also photography tours) throughout the summer months. If you’re reasoning of leaving the paths and hiking into the backcountry girlfriend will require to acquire a one-of-a-kind permit from one of the visitor centers. Note that open up fires aren’t enabled in the backcountry and that you require to additionally declare any kind of sort of mountain climbing activity.

Wildlife Watching

The grand Teton nationwide Park is house to many different animals. These include herbivores such as elks and also bisons but additionally grizzlies. Coyotes, Pumas, wolves and also bats are simply a few of the countless mammals that live over there too.

The bald eagle is the most impressive of all birds residential to the park. In the wetlands girlfriend will discover birds such as pelicans.

If friend feel like observing the wildlife in much more detail, a boat tour along the Snake river is very recommended. In so late fall, girlfriend might likewise be lucky sufficient to clock the Wapiti herds move to the nationwide Elk Refuge for the winter months.

Boat Tours and also Fishing

The snake River deserve to be explored by rafting, canoeing or kayaking. Throughout the summer months over there are diverse tour organizers offering guided rides. If you are planning to check out the lakes friend must obtain prior permission.

Fishing is enabled in the varied lakes and rivers however must additionally be excellent under former licence which have the right to be got in countless places including supermarkets.


Swimming is allowed in all the lakes in the national park, however, it’s just recommended for extremely tough swimmers as temperatures stay freezing even in summer. ~ above Colter Bay friend will discover a designated beach including picnic facilities. In the snake River, swim is generally permitted but because of the hazards certainly wouldn’t be recommended.

Horseback Riding

In cool Teton nationwide Park you can enjoy shorter but also much more extended rides. In Colter Bay, Jenny Lake and also Jackson Lake you have the right to rent horses. And guided rides are readily available daily too.

Winter Sports

There is a many snow in grand Teton nationwide Park throughout the winter months. As well as cross nation skiing and snowshoeing you might want to take a dog sleigh ride because that a really special experience. And also of course there is the surrounding Jackson hole ski resort.


The grand Teton nationwide Park is a popular location for photographers due to its large flora and fauna and also of food the tremendous views over the mountains. An excellent spots for superb shots include the Snake flow Outlook, Schwabacher’s Landing and Oxhow Bend and also the Moulton Barn.


Along the Rockefeller Parkways you will discover several ‘not to miss’ city hall points. The Signal-Mountain-Viewing suggest is a should see too. Indigenous Teton village you have the right to take a cable vehicle ride up into the mountains.

Definitely worth a visit is the Museum of native Americans in the visitor facility of Colter Bay. In the visitor facility of Moose village you have the right to learn a lot about Jackson Hole, mountain Men, Trapper and also much more.

In Jackson you deserve to experience some wild west and also cowboy way of living from the old days. Take a stroll v town, take a drink in one of the rustic bars and listen to some an excellent country music. Jackson is additionally a an excellent starting point to check out the area from.

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The nationwide Elk Refuge was collection up in 1912 to safeguard the wapitis as they used to dice from scarcity in the harsh winters. In over 10,000 hectares approximately 7,500 wapitis spend the winter months. There the pets are gift fed and also the entirety project is sponsor from the revenue of your antlers.

Visitor Centers

Visit the visitor centers in stimulate to obtain information, brochures or to gain a patent to watercraft or hike/climb in the backcountry. The Craig cutting board Discovery facility & Visitor center near the park’s headquarters is open up all year round. Most of the rather are open from may until October. The main visitor centers are: