Hit desert highlights native the an excellent Salt Lake to grand Teton and also Yellowstone nationwide parks, returning v Craters of the Moon national Monument and southern Idaho. Follow me the 1,398 miles, uncover ancient background and the best Americana.

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Pronghorn at Antelope Island State Park on good Salt Lake Photo: Depositphotos
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Jump-start this an excellent road pilgrimage in Salt Lake City whereby the hills shoot substantially from the valley floor. Uncover the city’s emerging hip restaurant scene and also explore that is stunning out via a tramride in ~ Snowbird. 

From there head east for adventures in beautiful Park City. Then journey north come Cache Valley and Bear Lake prior to stopping in Lava hot Springs and also Pocatello. Head come Idaho falls for a sheep of culture and explore Americana in towns like Heise and also Driggs. Cross right into Wyoming and experience Jackson, the gateway to cool Teton national Park. 

Farther north, you’ll find Yellowstone nationwide Park. From the park, head southwest to Craters that the Moon national Monument in Idaho, sun Valley, Boise and also Twin Falls before reaching City the Rocks national Reserve on your return course to Salt Lake City. 

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Start: Salt Lake City Area

Rent one RV through OutdoorsyDo this road trip in an RV to remain close to nature. Or examine out destination Delivery: have an RV ceded directly come a campground or parking website to camp in style without having actually to get behind the wheel. www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/wyoming/yellowstone-national-park

Hop top top a environment-friendly bike to get roughly downtown Salt Lake City (Photo: by Austen Diamond Photography courtesy Visit Salt Lake)

The brand-new Salt LakeDiscover one eclectic ecosystem in Salt Lake City the involves distinct coffee houses, artisan cocktails and a short hike that gives you great views that the city.

Milky method over Antelope IslandPhoto by Dan Ransom courtesy that Davis ar Tourism and Events

Playgrounds at an excellent Salt Lake in Davis county Start at Antelope Island State Park on great Salt Lake. Residence to bison, pronghorn and countless bird species, it’s a wildlife watcher’s paradise. Then examine out this stops for her amusement.

Mountain bikers near Park City, Utah Photo: through Mike Schirf courtesy Park City room Bureau

Follow your Trail in Park CityIn Park City yes a trail for everyone, from mountain biking come al fresco dining to live music, and yes sir no better time come hit them than summer.

Cache Valley and also Bear Lake

Re-enacting Pioneer Life in ~ the American West Heritage facility Photo: Flickr/Marsha Maxwell

Dramatic scenes in Logan and also Cache ValleyStretch her legs on regional trails in the Wasatch-Cache nationwide Forest and Cache Valley, consisting of a 2-mile one-way trek to watch a triple arch rock formation and also the Wind Caves. Climate head back to city to check out pioneer life or watch a live show.

Kayaking on be affected by each other Lake Photo: Courtesy be afflicted with Lake sink Convention & travellers Bureau

Two points You need to Do at Bear LakeStraddling the Utah-Idaho border, this recreational heaven is well-known for its turquoise waters and also a delicious treat.

Southeast Idaho Surprises

Zoo IdahoCourtesy Zoo Idaho

Clean and also Green in PocatelloExplore these four stops where you’ll view Stripes and Shoni, a place devoted to cleaning up, ancient curious creatures and a hub of ethnic flavors.

Lava warm Springs resort Photo: Idaho Tourism

Take a dive in Lava hot SpringsSoak in hot springs and also float down a flow in this charming city in Idaho.

Dancers in ~ the Shoshone-Bannock Indian FestivalFort room Casino/Shoshone-Bannock Hotel

Have a Shoshone-Bannock native ExperienceThe Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel uses a spa, a gift shop selling Shoshone-Bannock crafts and also a ar to watch her favorite sporting activities team. Here are seven factors to visit.

Taking a selfie at the Idaho Potato Museum in BlackfootCourtesy Idaho Potato Museum

Get a Potato take self at the Idaho Potato MuseumDiscover the stories behind this unsung hero the a vegetable including VP Dan Quayle’s potato incident.

Idaho drops sunsetiStock

Fall right into the neighborhood Scene in Idaho FallsBy the time the Snake flow reaches Idaho Falls, that is lined with artist-created benches, fun restaurants and also locally own boutiques. Along the river Walk here, you can walk, bike, rollerblade, sit ~ above a bench or peruse the farmer market.

4 Idaho falls Secrets come a terrific Yellowstone Area holidays Stay west the the Tetons to uncover all the jewel in the better Yellowstone Ecosystem. You’ll lose the crowds and find affordable lodging options.

RV Idaho’s best Places to CampChoose from 60 campgrounds on the west side of Yellowstone. Enjoy breathtaking scenery and legendary out recreation.

The West side of the Tetons

Paddleboarding at fall Creek drops in Idaho Photo: by mockery Myers courtesy that Yellowstone Teton Territory

6 Amazing locations on the other Side of the TetonsWhether you choose motorized recreation or trying out via your own two feet, there’s an adventure for anyone on the Tetons’ western and also – if girlfriend ask a local – far better side. Here are can’t-miss stops from Idaho falls to Ririe top top the method to Yellowstone.

Milky method over Spud Drive-in, Teton sink in Idaho Photo: picture by mock Myers courtesy of Teton local Economic Coalition

West next Story of Teton ValleyWith so lot attention on the east side of the Tetons, leave the crowds behind and experience the height nine points to do on the Teton’s west side.

Scenic chairlift at cool Targhee will Photo: Courtesy cool Targhee Resort

Grand Targhee ResortRide the elevator on Fred’s mountain to 10,000 feet and enjoy the region’s most dramatic views of the Tetons. Then gain an al fresco lunch on the plaza. The chairlift likewise accesses downhill biking trails because that an exciting ride back.

Jackson and Grand Teton national Park

Bison grazing in former of the TetonsAndre Costantini

4 ways to get the ideal Photos at grand Teton nationwide Park We asked expert Tamron photographer André Costantini for his advice on how to do the many of her time in the Tetons.

48 hours in cool Teton national ParkHere are several of our favorite things to execute in grand Teton from exceptional hiking trails come scenic boat rides and the finest huckleberry milk shake ever.

3 Roadside stop in grand Teton nationwide ParkFrom historic homesteads to breathtaking flow valleys, below are our height stops for a great scenic drive plus road-trip advice indigenous Nokian Tyres.

Solitude to rise Trips in grand Teton nationwide ParkCourtesy Solitude to rise Trips

Fun ~ above the snake River and also Grand Teton LakesWith temperature reaching brand-new highs, figuring out how to remain cool is crucial to enjoying your summer. Enjoy adventures in Jackson and surrounding Grand Teton national Park.

Barker Ewing through Jackson hole WhitewaterBarker-Ewing Scenic rise TripsMad River watercraft TripsSolitude to rise TripsGrand Teton Lodge Company

Three Park Entrances and also a SurpriseGrand Teton nationwide Park is shame a little bit like your left-hand thumb and is dotted v three main entrances. A surprise for many visitors is over there is no cool Teton entrance station when you head southern from Yellowstone into Grand Teton.

GyPSy guide Yellowstone and also Grand Teton tourism AppDownload the Yellowstone tour app that’s like having actually a tour guide in her car. GyPSy Guide automatically plays interesting and entertaining commentary together you go.

Downtown Jackson, Wyoming, through its Million disagreement Cowboy Bar and a town square cornered with antler archesCourtesy the Visit Jackson Hole

Saddle up in JacksonJust 15 minute from grand Teton national Park and also two hrs from Yellowstone, Jackson is a great stop if you’re in search of an old West town with a touch that class and also a lot of fun.

Headwaters Lodge & Cabins in ~ Flagg RanchJust minutes from the southern Entrance come Yellowstone national Park and the north section of cool Teton national Park, continue to be at the Headwaters Lodge & Cabins at Flagg Ranch.

The Bridger Gondola passes end the downhill hill bike park in ~ Jackson Hole hill Resort Photo: Courtesy Jackson Hole hill Resort

6 large Adventures at Jackson Hole mountain ResortRight alongside Grand Teton nationwide Park, spend a job on the new Via Ferrata aided climbing course, talk the gondola, tackling the ropes course or biking and hiking downhill.

The Treetop Adventure course at snow King hill Resort v views of grand Teton nationwide Park (Photo: by brand-new Thought Media courtesy of eye King mountain Resort)

Head to snow King hill Resort for family FunJackson, Wyo.’s best-kept mystery offers a ton of tasks for all ages, to add bike and SUP rentals.

Town Square motel of Jackson HoleWith four Jackson locations and over 400 rooms and cabins, the city Square motel have an ext options to fulfill your style and budget than any type of other area hotelier.Elk nation InnAntler InnCowboy town Cabins and also Lodge49er Inn and also Suites

Yellowstone nationwide Park

A mrs viewing Morning Glory swimming pool from the boardwalk in YellowstoneDeposit Photos

Enter the south Entrance come Yellowstone

48 hours in YellowstoneOnly have 48 hours? do the most of her time through visiting some the our favorite spots in the park including wildlife watching, dining at historical lodges and also see geysers erupt.

Top 5 Vistas in Yellowstone nationwide ParkIf you want to feel on height of the world, here room 5 see you should see including Artist Point, Lamar Valley, and also the Yellowstone river cutting thru lava spires.

Fun on the Water in Yellowstone national ParkLeave dried land behind to explore the rivers and lakes that Yellowstone. Go paddling, fishing, boating, or take a watercraft cruise tour in the nationwide park.

Exit the West door of Yellowstone

West Yellowstone

Mountain biking in ~ Hebgen Lake close to West Yellowstone Photo: by Jon Cracroft courtesy the West Yellowstone, Montana

7 Sights in ~ West YellowstoneThe city of West Yellowstone sits best at the West door to Yellowstone nationwide Park. Here space the top seven ways to protect against the park’s crowds and see the ideal of the area.

Undiscovered southerly Idaho

Drive through a free-range be afflicted with habitat in ~ Yellowstone Bear people Photo: Courtesy Yellowstone be affected by each other World

Drive v Yellowstone be afflicted with WorldAll kinds of pets – including wolves, elk, deer, hill goats, bears and bison – roam transparent this out playground, which you have the right to see native your very own car.

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Shoshone falls in Idaho Photo: Courtesy Visit southern Idaho

8 Uncrowded gems in southern IdahoAfter Yellowstone, dip right into southern Idaho to explore seven attractions, consisting of two nationwide park sites, you won’t find elsewhere.