We're to plan a expedition to the grand Tetons and also Yellowstone this summer. We're continuing to be at Signal Mt. Lodge and had planned come fly right into Jackson, however the flights to Salt Lake City room so cheap we're considering arriving there instead. Has actually anyone made the drive? Is it lengthy or difficult? We will be travel with 3 kids and my husband is skeptical.

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Jan 30th, 2004, 08:04 PM

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Map search says the is about 340 mile from the Salt Lake global Airport to Moran. (Signal Mountal Lodge every se was no given) and takes 6 hrs to drive. You can do the arithmetic and tell the you room not loafing coming up.I looked at the route recommended and, having driven those roads, i have tiny to indicate in addition to what Map search says. Over there is perhaps an ext scenery if you take it the Logan Canyon route, however that roadway twists increase throught the canyon come the stakes of the escarpment and also then, come the east, plunges downward to be affected by each other Lake. Rather a check out from increase there. Southern of Jackson, friend drive along the Snake flow Canyon where there space a fair variety of boaters, floaters, and also rafter. I like the Logan-Bear lake course for the reason. The route from Map Q takes girlfriend in end The Teton Pass, which is really steep, specifically on the western slope.That route allows you understand well what the Teton Escarpment is every about! I have actually gone end at least 6 times and also never blinked, so i don't think it is all the bad. Several years ago we drove increase from Denver on a meandering course in something that passed for an Avis car. Ns forget what make and also model the was, but it strained and groaned top top those mountain roads. (The remainder of the moment it simply groaned.) because that some factor this contraption had actually a tachometer top top it.I to be roaring up the Teton pass, around 30 mph, and also the engine to be revving up about 5,500 - 5,700 rpm. The whole automobile was vibrating, and if the engine had started come burn a piston I would certainly not have been surprised due to the fact that it sounded prefer the valves to be going to pop v the valve cover. The tach needle to be quivering and also the speedometer needle was slowly moving upwards, 29, 30, 31. My wife leaned over, looked at the two needles and concluded, "One of them is gaining." At the very least the auto had good brakes.One final comment. It is not choose there is naught to view on that path from SLC through Idaho , however most of eastern Idaho is a tiny featureless -- flat and also not countless trees. The path through Logan to Bear Lake is an ext scenic yet it will certainly take friend a small longer. I hope this help you make a decision.