3 weeks ago, john Roth, the now-elected representative for the 104th state house district, was door knocking in grand Traverse County. There he met a guy who states he votes Republican, yet strongly disliked chairman Trump.

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“I deserve to understand that,” Roth replied.

Roth claims he frequently has to define that just because he shares the exact same party as the president, he isn’t choose him.

“I don’t shot to run away native the President,” the says. “I’m just trying come make people understand this position in specific that I’m running for is local. It has actually nothing to do with nationwide politics.”

On Tuesday, it appears voters do the distinction.

In grand Traverse County, Roth winner his race, and other Republicans, that won decisively. Donald trump card still won the county but his lead was smaller sized than the last election, also though he just showed up the night prior to for a packed rally in Traverse City.

Across northern Michigan, voter turned increase in document numbers sustaining Republicans, but not constantly Donald Trump. Follow to the new York Times, in Emmet County, Trump’s margin over Biden is eight points reduced than his margin end Clinton in 2016. In Charlevoix County, the void in his power is 7 points.

Leelanau County was the just county in the an ar to upper and lower reversal blue in the presidential race. Voters went for Trump in 2016, and Romney prior to that in 2012. However this year, Biden winner by 5 points.

It’s not also surprising, claims Leelanau autonomous Party Co-chair Brigid Hart.

“We’re an ext purpley-blue 보다 red-red,” she says.

But there to be a stronger sentiment amongst people she spoke v that they will do had enough of chairman Trump. A the majority of Leelanau citizens are retirees and didn"t like how the president was managing the pandemic.

“People were just disgusted v the political setting in general and I think they simply wanted to view a change,” Hart says.

But that only expanded to the presidential race. The bulk of Leelanau inhabitants voted for Republicans under the ticket.

Betsy Coffia, the cool Traverse county Commissioner for ar 1 - Traverse City, says an additional dynamic is in ~ play in this election. She thinks that there to be still many voters who confirmed up mostly for Trump, shifting the poll in donate of Republicans.

“I think with any other presidential candidate at the height of the ticket the 104th would be a democratic district in ~ this moment,” she says.

Even though Republicans clearly swept north Michigan seats, Coffia is confident the democracy still have actually a opportunity down the road. She says she’s watched the community become much more liberal end the past decade.

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“I really check out it takes patience. The maddenly sluggish progress,” she states of her very own rise as a Democrat in neighborhood politics. “But the is measurable progress.”

Still, a autonomous challenger will likely have a tougher time unseating one incumbent, john Roth, in the following election because that the state house. He had actually not organized an chosen position until now.

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