Grandma gained Run over By A Reindeer

Grandma gained Run over By A Reindeer

Grandma got Run end By A Reindeer (2000) Direct-To-Video Cartoon
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Unknown Tag: "short_stud_crew"Unknown Tag: "short_voice_crew"Unknown Tag: "short_dir_crew"Unknown Tag: "short_prod_crew"Unknown Tag: "short_write_crew"Unknown Tag: "short_music_crew"2000The Fred Rappoport Company, Phil roman inn ProductionsWarner home Video, SFM to chat LLCDirect-To-Video Cartoon Vocal Talent:Susan Blu (Grandma Spankenheimer), Michele Lee (Cousin Mel), Alex Doduk (Jake Spankenheimer), Jim Staahl (Santa Claus), Elmo Shropshire (Grandpa Spankenheimer, Narrator), kathleen Barr, Jim Fisher, Jim Flinders, Christopher Gaze, Phil Hayes, Scott McNeil, Pauline Newstone, Maggie Blue O"Hara, attracted Rechett, Venus Terzo. Music ByNathan Wang.Storyboard and also Design Animation
: atomic Productions.Voice Directors: Susan Blu, Ginny McSwain.Song Vocalists: Gary Chase, Michele Lee.Executive in fee of Production: stack Ramirez.Production Manager: Kellie Bea-Cooper.Director the Post-Production: Noel Roman.Production Assistants: Melinda Hall, Iskandria Masduki, Judy Greenfield, Julie Neuwirth.Pre-Production Studio: atom Cartoons.Director: Mauro Casalese.Art Director: Dean Sheriff.Storyboards: Andre van Beerson, Dave Earl, Monty Krueller.Additional background Designs: Warren Flannagan.Character Designer: Lil Rsichman.Prop Designer: Jenny Haskins.Character and also Prop Clean Up: man Beveridge.Character, Prop and also BG Color: Kellie Devries.Background Color: Greg Gibbons, Mike Hitchcox, Junn Roca.Production Coordinator: Nancy Casalese, mary Luz Mejia.Storyboard Revisions: atom Cartoons, Joe Suggs, arts Roman, frank Andrina.Sheet Timing: Phillip Reynolds, Rudy Cadaldi, Joe Morrison, Rumen Petkov, Allen Wilzbach, candid Andrina.Slugging: Jeffrey Gatrall, Marija Dali, Karen Peterson.Lip Assignment: Eric Pederson.Track Reading: thomas Anderson.Checking: Penelope Sevier, Gillian Higgins.Animation produced By: KOKO Enterprises.ADR Sound Recording: Horta Editorial and Sound.ADR Mixer: Brad Brock.Post manufacturing Sound Services: Horta Editorial and Sound.Sound Supervisor: Elleen Horta.Sound impacts Editors: Timothy Garrity, Marc Malland, Jason Freedman.Dialogue Editor: Timothy Garrity.Casting and also Talent Coordination: BLT Productions, LTD.Production Manager: Tanya Taylor.Voices taped At: Pinewood Studios, Vancouver, B.C.Sound Engineer: David Horner.Foley Mixer and Editor: Brad Brock.Foley Artist: Diane Greco.Dubbing mixers: Roy Braverman, Timothy Garrity.Picture Editor: Elleen Hortav.Video Services: Octane Post, Pixel Blues.Smoke Editor: Paul Nesmith.Graphic Designer: Edmund Gutierrez.Sound: invoice Melody.Special Thanks: Stanley Moger, Alan Morris, Michele Lee, Anita Roman, Ellyn Trigg, Patty Trig, wilhelm Trigg (desceased).

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When a Christmas eve encounter v Santa"s sleigh leaves beloved Grandma Spankenheimer unhurt yet with amnesia, she"s taken to the phibìc Pole to recuperate. Come the shock of young Jake Spankenheimer"s doting parents, rebellious sister and also fun-loving Grandpa,...(more)

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