A small under a year ago, Earl Dibbles Jr., the alter ego the Texas country music star Granger Smith, released a track and video clip called “The country Boy Song” that had us all in stitches. The means it seemed to parody the existing trend of country music laundry perform songs and also their idiotic obsession with beer, pickup trucks, mud, and also chewing tobacco was beyond poignant, and also was punctuated through the hilarious video. In the Saving country Music evaluation I praised just how the tune and video exposed “the moronic, stereotypical, rehashed, and also creatively-vacant human being of corporate country’s checklist culture.” Earl Dibbles Jr., and his genuine life counterpart Granger blacksmith came across like heroes because that true country music.

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Then in mid-October the 2012, Granger smith released the single “We do It In A Field” native his brand-new album simply released today dubbed Dirt road Driveway, and every one of a sudden we had to re-write what we thought around Granger Smith. Below he to be seemingly perpetuating the very same laundry list filth we believed his equivalent Earl Dibbles Jr. To be lampooning.

“We bump down dirt roadways in jacked-up trucks…We do it in a field, rock it all night ’till the sun comes up. We obtained 100 blue can be ~ sitting on ice in the back of mine truck. And George Strait blaring in a Chevrolet…”

Yes, that’s three referrals to trucks prior to the finish of the an initial chorus.

Though there is no a doubt Earl Dibbles Jr. Is supposed to be parody, probably it was not meant to convey the irony around the state that mainstream nation some of united state wanted that to.

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Today to note the relax of his album Dirt road Driveway, Granger blacksmith posing as Earl Dibbles Jr. Has actually released another equally-hilarious video and song to “The country Boy Song” referred to as “Country young Love.” This thing has much more pelvic thrusts 보다 a troupe that Paula Abdul back-up dancers, and an ext cleavage 보다 a rock quarry, with buxom girls dry humping farm machinery and also other scenes of sexual ribald. Eat her heart out Dustin Lynch and also Luke Bryan. However I can’t aid but think that if Earl Dibbles isn’t demeaning popular music country, climate is he demeaning someone else? Or probably if you shot to read anything into the Earl Dibbles Jr. Character, then the joke’s on you.