provide Thompson, recognized as “The King of Random,” was reportedly eliminated in a paragliding accident in Utah. Thompson rose to YouTube reputation by sharing life hacks and experiments v his millions of followers.

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people View is giving the trip of a life time – the possibility to walk to the leaf of space. With tickets beginning at $50,000, the price-tag is considerably lower than various other offerings.

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*’s Kyung Lah rides through a US shore Guard helicopter end the cargo ship bottleneck do the efforts to obtain into ports follow me the California coast. The it is provided chain is donate up and also affecting businesses all the way down to the consumer.

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executive, management Director that the port of Los Angeles, Gene Seroka, says container ships are waiting an typical of ten days to unload cargo. He says, “it’s choose taking ten lanes of freeway traffic and also moving them into five.”

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wilhelm Shatner – famously recognized as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek” – will come to be the oldest person to blast off into an are when he experience a couple of minutes of weightlessness aboard a Blue beginning rocket in October.

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Lisa Banks, one employment and also whistleblower attorney, speak what can happen next to the facebook whistleblower that alleged that the company prioritized benefit over windy good.

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The identity of the facebook whistleblower that released 10s of thousands of pages of inner research and also documents was revealed top top “60 Minutes.”’s Brian Stelter reports Frances Haugen, the previous Facebook product manager who operated on civic integrity problems at the company, says the documents show the firm knows its platforms are offered to spread out hate, violence and misinformation, and that lock tried to hide that evidence. Facebook has actually aggressively pushed back against the reports.

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Whistleblower: on facebook will shed money if they resolve algorithm. And they know it
“Of food you watch the good, the bad and also the ugly the humanity present up on our platform,” facebook VP Nick Clegg says. “Our job is to alleviate the bad, mitigate it – and also amplify the good.”

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Is Instagram toxicity for teens? hear exec's response
Nick Clegg, Vice chairman of global affairs at Facebook, tells’s Brian Stelter that blaming society media for the January 6 Capitol insurrection is also simplistic of one explanation to a complicated problem.

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on facebook executive: 'Ludicrous' come blame Capitol riot on social media
White residence Press Secretary Jen Psaki calls the end Republicans as the deadline come raise, or suspend, the blame ceiling looms.

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'Treating this choose a game': Psaki blasts GOP as debt ceiling attributed nears
Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells commonwealth Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell the his track record offers her grave concern and also she will oppose his potential renomination.

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sen elizabeth warren opposes fed chairman jerome powell renomination vpx_00000430.png
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Sen. Warren come Jerome Powell: your record gives me grave problem
Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, that spent practically three years in home arrest in Canada, returned house late Saturday, finishing a lengthy extradition fight through the united States and also sparking an eight of national pride in China, whereby her release has been illustrated as a diplomatic success for Beijing.

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Jin Liwang/AP
In this photograph released by China"s Xinhua News Agency, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou waves as she measures out the an airplane after getting here at Shenzhen Bao"an worldwide Airport in Shenzhen in southerly China"s Guangdong Province, Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021. A height executive from worldwide communications gigantic Huawei Technologies returned to China top top Saturday complying with what price to a high-stakes prisoner swap v Canada and also the U.S. (Jin Liwang/Xinhua via AP)
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Huawei executive, management Meng Wanzhou hailed a hero upon go back to China
business Secretary Gina M. Raimondo describes how the microchip shortage will affect the us holiday purchase season and also what the Biden administration is act to assist fix it.

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business Secretary: Chip shortage will affect holiday shopping
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provide Thompson, who as the “King that Random” racked increase billions of video clip views on YouTube, has actually died, his family posted ~ above his main social media accounts.

He to be 38.

A posting top top his proved Instagram account Tuesday stated: “It is with an excellent sadness to inform everyone that grant Thompson passed away last night.”

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A short article shared by TKOR (

“Grant had an excellent love and also appreciation because that his fans. Us invite you come share your thoughts because that Grant and also the channel in the comments,” the inscription read. “Please do a arbitrarily act the love or kindness now in respect of The King that Random. Grant’s heritage will live ~ above in the channel and also the global community the created.”

Thompson resided in Hurricane, Utah, and according come the St. George News authorities there obtained a missing persons report ~ Thompson no return from a paragliding trip close to Honeymoon Trail.

Thompson reportedly had a GPS maker on the which was offered to find his body shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

The Washington ar Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook web page that they to be able to recoup paragliding equipment in addition to a video clip recording maker and are reviewing the video clip to determine components which led to the aircraft crash.

His King of arbitrarily YouTube channel has more than 11 million subscribers and also has racked increase billions of views.

“We make videos devoted to exploring life v all type of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects,” the channels description reads. “There is excitement uncovered in discovering the unknown, and living come tell around it, so sign up with us and let’s structure something together.”

A memorial video to Thompson to be posted there on Tuesday.

He produced the channel in 2010 to showcase his interest in just how things work.

Thompson told Mediakix in 2017 the he to be bullied together a child, became an airline pilot for 11 years and also semi retirement after he started successfully investing in real estate.

“Then I simply started tinkering and also learning about how the world works, which was influenced kind of by the idea that the an excellent Recession native the housing collapse. Ns was learning about things,” Thompson said. “I started making videos ~ above YouTube showing world what i was tinkering with and what ns was comes up with. The turned into a huge enough motion that i shut down my actual estate business, ns quit the airlines, and now it’s every YouTube.”

Videos prefer “How To do LEGO Gummy Candy!” went viral and made the a star.

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YouTube tweeted your condolences Tuesday.

We're deeply saddened to discover of the tragic lose of give Thompson, a gifted, passionate and also endlessly curious creator. We send ours deepest condolences come his loving family, The King of random team and fans. Https://

— YouTube (
YouTube) July 30, 2019

“We’re deeply saddened to discover of the tragic loss of provide Thompson, a gifted, passionate and endlessly curious creator,” your tweet read. “We send ours deepest condolences come his loving family, The King of arbitrarily team and fans.”