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Fifty year ago, the grateful Dead released two consecutive masterworks: Workingman"s Dead in June, and American Beauty in November. Rhino delivered a 50th anniversary version of the former earlier this summer, and also as promised, the last will be exit in the own golden anniversary collection this fall. ~ above October 30 - almost 50 years to the work after its original release (November 1, 1970) - American Beauty will return together a both a 3-CD set and a 1-LP snapshot disc.

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American Beauty: 50th Anniversary luxurious Edition attributes a remastered variation of the original album top top its very first disc, when a formerly unreleased concert recorded on February 18, 1971 at port Chester, brand-new York"s Capitol Theatre comprises Discs 2 and 3. The present has been mixed from the original 16-track analog master by Jeffrey Norman in ~ Bob Weir"s TRI Studios and mastered by David Glasser. Likewise on October 30, Rhino will release an anniversary snapshot disc limited to 15,000 duplicates with simply the remastered album audio.

Like that predecessor Workingman"s Dead, American Beauty was focused on tight, easily accessible songs v a folk- and also country-rock flavor. Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Phil Lesh, invoice Kreutzmann, and also Mickey Hart convened in August and also September 1970 - not lengthy after the June 14 release of Workingman"s - through co-producer Stephen Barncard at san Francisco"s Wally Heider Studios. The ten song on the perfect album reflected some of the band"s many beloved creations consisting of the charting solitary "Truckin"," "Sugar Magnolia," "Box of Rain," and "Friend that the Devil." Mandolinist David Grisman join the group for "Friend of the Devil" and also "Ripple," while various other guest musicians consisted of David Nelson, Ned Lagin, Dave Torbert, and Howard Wales.

Upon its initial release, American Beauty reached No. 30 ~ above the Billboard 200, simply three spots lower than Workingman"s Dead. By 1974, it had actually been certified Gold; it reached Platinum standing in 1986 and went twin Platinum in 2001. The remains one of the Dead"s best-selling albums, and also eight of its ten songs stayed staples in the Dead"s setlist.

It"s joined by the February 18, 1971 present at the Capitol Theatre. That night, the band introduced audiences come five new songs: "Wharf Rat," "Playing In The Band," "Bertha," "Greatest Story ever Told," and "Loser." Ned Lagin, who played piano ~ above "Candyman" top top American Beauty, sat in for the concert which additionally featured "Truckin"," "Sugar Magnolia," and "Candyman" native the recently-released album.

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In the press release because that the deluxe Edition, Dead archivist David Lemieux comments, "It still boggles my mind come think that the thankful Dead"s an imaginative output in 1970. For any type of other band, catching lightning v an album together perfect and excellent together Workingman"s Dead is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. The Dead, however, adhered to up simply a few months later with an album that practically every Dead Head considers that is equal. Ten songs, nearly all of which ended up being cornerstones the the band"s live arsenal for the following 25 years. Today, 50 year on, this songs are still necessary parts the the tape members" proceeding live activities. The 50th Anniversary luxurious Edition consists of one of the first, and also best, live performances of 1971, just a couple of month after the release of American Beauty, and also the five live debuts in the show show that the spectacular creativity of 1970 to be no fluke. This was the brand-new Dead, and also we"re tho tapping our feet and humming follow me to these songs 50 years later."

Dead chronicler David Browne provides new liner notes. He writes, in part, "American Beauty was, at heart, a beautifully made record. The interplay that rippling piano, vocal harmonies, and also slide etc in "Brokedown Palace" was unlike anything castle had developed before, even on Workingman"s Dead. Many thanks to Barncard"s specialization with recording acoustic instruments, "Ripple," probably Hunter and also Garcia"s many meditative song, had actually a country-stream clarity. "Friend the the Devil"--a Hunter, Garcia, and John "Marmaduke" Dawson story of one on-the-run rogue that practically ended up with Dawson"s brand-new Riders of the violet Sage--had the same crispiness. (Both tracks additionally benefited native overdubbed mandolin components from David Grisman.)" has also introduced a line of American Beauty-branded merchandise including a Levi"s jacket, jewelry, apparel, and more. Both the 3-CD deluxe Edition and vinyl snapshot disc arrive from Rhino on October 30.

Grateful Dead, American Beauty: 50th Anniversary deluxe Edition (Warner Bros. WS 1893, 1970 - reissued thankful Dead/Warner/Rhino, 2020) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada)

CD 1: initial Album Remastered

"Box that Rain""Friend the The Devil""Sugar Magnolia""Operator""Candyman""Ripple""Brokedown Palace""Till The Morning Comes""Attics Of my Life""Truckin"""Bertha""Truckin"""Hurts Me Too""Loser""Greatest Story ever Told">"Johnny B. Goode""Mama Tried""Hard come Handle""Dark Star">"Wharf Rat">"Dark Star">"Me and also My Uncle""Casey Jones""Playing In The Band""Me and also Bobby McGee""Candyman""Big boss Man""Sugar Magnolia""St. Stephen">"Not Fade Away">"Goin" down The roadway Feeling Bad">"Not Fade Away">"Uncle John"s Band"

Grateful Dead, American beauty (50th Anniversary snapshot disc) (Warner Bros. WS 1893, 1970 - reissued grateful Dead/Warner/Rhino, 2020) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada)

"Box of Rain""Friend the The Devil""Sugar Magnolia""Operator""Candyman""Ripple""Brokedown Palace""Till The Morning Comes""Attics Of mine Life""Truckin""​