The thankful Dead’s American Beauty commemorated its 50th anniversary of its relax on November first this year. This to be the 2nd of two of their very successful albums exit in 1970, the very first being Workingman’s Dead. A large year because that the grateful Dead, your psychedelic rock sound was shifting during this time to more of a folk-style Americana kind of sound. Let’s go ago in time and also see why American Beauty had actually such a lasting affect and how it came about for among the most famed band’s this nation has ever before seen.

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After the relax of Workingman’s Dead earlier that year, the band was back in the studio simply a few months later to document what would become American Beauty. Wherein the vast majority of songs to be being written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, American Beauty experienced track contribute by Phil Lesh and also Bob Weir as well. With tracks like “Sugar Magnolia” and “Box that Rain” gained to view the an outcome of songwriting sessions with Robert Hunter and the various other members of the grateful Dead. The album was looked at as a continuation of the ahead one the band had actually just released however it was explained as more representative the the whole band.


During the moment of recording, the grateful Dead spent a lot of time in ~ Wally Heider’s recording studio with countless other significant musicians. The tape speaks openly about the influence these musicians had actually on the album, and the listener can certainly hear them transparent the record.

There is a noticeable readjust in sound, moving away from lead guitar and also reimagining your sound v Jerry Garcia playing v a the majority of pedal stole guitar. With Crosby, Nash, and Young, Santana, and many other high-profile musicians, that was referred to as “jammer heaven” through Phil Lesh in his autobiography, Searching for the Sound. The grateful Dead attribute this encounters together being extremely helpful and also eye-opening for vocals and harmonizing as a team in their music.

Releasing American Beauty only four months after your previous album, the album peaked at number 30 on Billboard’s popular music Albums chart. Achieve a gold certification only 4 years ~ the release of the record, the album would just become much more and much more popular as time passed. In October of 1986, the album completed a Platinum certification, and in 2001, American Beauty would go dual Platinum. In spite of Workingman’s Dead reaching greater in the charts, it never reached dual Platinum.

Compared to Workingman’s Dead, the album to be looked in ~ a continuation on the adjust in sound, yet both albums space remembered, and also their heritage is immovable. In 2003, American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead were known in Rolling stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of every time. Come this day, this to be a psychic time because that the grateful Dead, and many fans will argue that these were their ideal years. Songs come out of this two documents that quiet live on in listener’s ear every day.

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To storage the 50th anniversary of, arguably, one of the grateful Dead’s finest records, the album has actually been remastered. Together with the remastering, fans likewise can get accessibility to a formerly unreleased present from February 18, 1971. This gig took ar at harbor Chester’s Capitol Theatre and also gives the listener a full two hrs of pure jamming. The remastered album is easily accessible for acquisition on the band’s website v other options to memory the 50th anniversary of American Beauty.