Mary Berry and also Paul Hollywood to be the original judges ~ above The good British roasted Off as soon as it premiered in 2010. However now, Berry is lengthy gone and Hollywood claims he ended up being “the most hated male in the country.” GBBO might seem like a friendly reality TV baking competition.

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But there has been a many drama that goes on both in prior of the cameras and also behind the scenes. Here are 10 scandals that have actually rocked The great British bake Off.


‘The good British Baking Show’ judges Paul Hollywood and also Mary Berry | Sam Spurgeon/Comic Relief/Getty Images

10. The ‘Bake Off’ squirrel stole the show from mary Berry

During the early on days that the GBBO, shots of 설 설 in the show’s parkland setup were a to run gag. In 2011, fans gained a glimpse the a squirrel with massive testicles and also the net went nuts.

Before the episode aired, organize Sue Perkins tweeted, “I have the right to now disclose that this week’s GBBO attributes a shooting of a squirrel through outsized nuts. Trust me, they space anatomically DAZZLING. Enjoy.”

9. The custard thief

Dentist Deborah Manger caused controversy when she stole other contestant Howard Middleton’s custard. The illustration played out like a police procedural, v Deborah eventually confessing her crime.

8. Save bought isn’t fine

When following a cooking recipes at house from The Barefoot Contessa, store-bought is fine. However not once you’re completing on The an excellent British bake Off.

Fans couldn’t think it when season 5 contestant Enwezor Nzegwu offered store-bought icing. Seriously. The really happened.

7. The small Alaska ‘sabotage’

Social media absolutely go out up during season 5 once contestant Diana Bead was accused of small Alaska “sabotage.” She took fellow baker Iain Watters’ ice cream cream the end of the freezer, which turned it into a pile of melty goo.

Iain ended up tossing the entirety thing in the garbage and walking out of the time to cool off. Meanwhile, Diana provided Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood a beautiful Alaska swan. All Iain might do was show the judges the garbage can. The was ultimately sent home, and also it ended up being a national news story. GBBO fans referred to as Diana the “ice cream-melting supervillain.”

6. Supposed affair in season 4

During season 4, contestant Ruby Tandoh make it come the final. Yet many viewers were persuaded that the only reason she got that far was since she had an affair v Hollywood.

Fans experienced the flirty interaction in between Tandoh and Hollywood, and they went after she on Twitter. She combated back, through announcing she was a lesbian.

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“For those who thought I fancied Paul Hollywood or that I’d ever bang him to get ahead – JOKE’S top top YOU, YOU enormous S**TTING MISOGYNISTS,” Tandoh tweeted.

5. An actual affair

While acquisition a break from GBBO in 2013, Hollywood travel to America come take part in the American version. The baker filmed The American Baking Competition with host Jeff Foxworthy and fellow referee Marcela Valladolid.

Due to negative ratings, the show only lasted one season. But that provided Hollywood and Valladolid sufficient time to have a quick affair. As a result, Hollywood and his wife Alex split. They did reconcile prior to calling that quits for good and divorcing in 2017.

4. One NDA, no a proposal

Not long after Hollywood’s marital relationship ended, he began dating 23-year-old barmaid Summer Monteys-Fullam. Their connection lasted two years prior to ending in dramatic fashion. Monteys-Fullam was expecting Hollywood come propose as soon as he supposedly presented her through a non-disclosure agreement. Apparently, he didn’t desire her revealing any kind of of their partnership secrets. She dumped that on the spot.

“Take what’s check out with a pinch of salt and read between the lines,” Hollywood tweeted. “I know the public can not be duped into believing what’s the end there from a human being making money marketing stories! and also continuously courting the paps…There’s constantly two political parties to a story you’ve just heard one… but alas ns don’t beat those games.”

3. The season 8 Instagram scandal

The contestants top top the GBBO room not an alleged to be skilled bakers. However during season 8, countless fans were encouraged that Steven Carter-Bailey was a an enig pro. Carter-Bailey winner Star Baker the first two weeks.

But then, fans uncovered his Instagram account and also found images of showstopping cakes. Twitter was encouraged that the “fix” was in.

2. The big channel switch

GBBO premiered ~ above the BBC and became a substantial hit over the food of the following seven seasons. However in 2017, Channel 4 outbid the BBC and also the reality series switched networks.

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This resulted in hosts Mel Geidroyc and Sue Perkins leaving the collection out of loyalty. Yet what really had fans increase in arms was the number one article on our list.

1. Mary Berry’s exit

Moving native the BBC to Channel 4 resulted in the Great British bake Off gaining a enormous makeover. Not just did the renowned baking competition lose Mel and Sue, it also lost the queen, mary Berry. According to Hollywood, mary “abandoned” the show, however fans take it it the end on him.

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“I continued to be with Bake Off. The girls abandoned it. Yet I to be the one put under siege. I became the most hated male in the country!” Hollywood said.