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The an excellent British Baking Showmade a large statement in Season 6 by no saying anything at all. Among this year’s contestants, Briony Williams, competed in the tent v a “disability” that never ever came increase in conversation. Williams has what she phone call a “little hand,” and also it was such a non-issue because that the bakers that just eagle-eyed viewers captured it.

33-year-old Briony Williams became a fan favorite over the course of the season thanks to her boozy bakes and sparkling wit. The independent reports Williams recently sat down with the BBC Ouch Podcast to comment on her time ~ above the show. She explained that it was by she request that the show didn’t cite her tiny hand, and even the she refused special equipment to assist her in the kitchen. Williams said that she think of her small hand together “a part of me, not all of me.”

“It’s not that i’m embarrassed around it or embarrassing of it in any way. I desire to be there on my very own merit and also I don’t want human being to think that I’m getting special treatment,” Williams said.

A couple of years ago I acquired a heart tattoo ~ above my small hand, it was really pale pink for this reason you can barely see it however it was my way of lastly accepting mine hand as component of me. It take it me practically 30 year to get there but I acquired there.

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Now I obtained it redone through the merely awesome
bexedwards_tattooist so it's brighter and also clearer to see since now I'm proud of mine hand, it's part of who I am and also what I've achieved. I also may have got a cheeky little baking tattoo yet that's for an additional time ☺️ thank you Bex, i love castle