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mar Berry and Paul Hollywood were the joint deals with of great British Bake off for seven seasons between 2010 and 2016.

Alongside presenting double act Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, the original judges graced our displays as the likes of current Strictly star john Whaite and also Londoner Nadiya Hussain emerged victorious in the tent.

But in 2016, when it to be revealed the Channel 4 had actually bought the legal rights to the show, Paul Hollywood to be the only among the quartet to continue to be on together a referee on the show.

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room the pair, who were once named the 'best reality TV evaluate partnership ever', still friends? and also what was the actual reason mary Berry left the show?

speaking in one interview with The Radio times in 2017, mary Berry, who is currently 86, explained that she left roasted Off out of loyalty to the BBC.


Alongside twin act Mel and Sue, mar Berry and also Paul Hollywood graced our displays for seven glorious seasons (Image: BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon)

She said: "It was the BBC’s programme, it flourished there. For this reason I determined to continue to be with the BBC, through Mel and Sue.

"It was said what would occur if ns did go to Channel 4; what I would get, the advantages. Yet I didn’t ever have a meeting with them. I’d made up my mind. To me, it’s an honour to be on the BBC. I was brought up top top it.

"I would constantly stand by him. Paul and also I had actually our differences around what was essential to us but he is a brilliant bread-maker and also I admired that a lot."

Despite previously saying that she would always stand by Hollywood, it emerged two years back that things can not be so sweet in between the pair.

In 2019, a source close to Berry called The sun newspaper the she to be disappointed v Hollywood's therapy of his ex-wife Alex.

After many years together, Alex and also Paul's marriage nearly come come a end after he had an affair through American cook Marcela Valladolid whom he'd co-hosted The American Baking vain with.

She take it him back but points were never ever the same in between the couple and they divorce a couple of years later.

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The source said: "Mary has made that clear whereby her loyalties lied – and also it’s not v Paul.

"She’s still uncomfortable with just how he behaved through Alex.

Although it is unknown even if it is or not Hollywood and also Berry space still in every other's good books, castle haven't functioned together again.

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Since leaving the renowned Bake turn off tent, mary Berry has ongoing hosting and also judging, working on shows including Britain's ideal Home Cook and Mary Berry's an easy Comforts.

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