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Great Clips hair salons carry out haircuts to men, women, and also children. No meeting needed, just walk in or check-in online.

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post on march 29, 2016. carried to friend by yahoolocal.

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typical Rating 20

Very disappointed with the service and the haircut i had. I came home and also checked my haircut it was an extremely uneven and lot of leftovers ~ above sides and uneven cuts. This is my very first time to great clips...

posted by Srikanth T. ~ above February 24, 2016. lugged to friend by yahoolocal.

median Rating 80

I"m from Boston and also was visiting family here. Looked in ~ yelp for an excellent clips and visited them. They are really good and professional. I had actually my reduced from Crystal that did a very good job ~ above my...

posted by Kartikay K. Top top December 21, 2014. brought to you by yahoolocal.

Blue Bell average Rating 40

That manager really need"s an mindset adjustment!! thought it was just me,but as soon as I speak to various other friend"s the go over there they claimed the same thing. Even the employee"s uncover it hard to occupational w/her sometimes. Her mood"s reflect the mood"s on anyone else not a good thing!!!!!

post by maggie b. On February 14, 2011. carried to girlfriend by insiderpages.

Great Clips hair salons carry out haircuts to men, women, and also children. No appointment needed, simply walk in or check-in online.

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post on June 20, 2016. carried to girlfriend by merchantcircle.

Great Clips is a vibrant hair salon located in the center Square Plaza. This location is one of around 2,800 franchise locations. Stylists cut men"s, women"s and children"s hair; no meeting required. Each stylist proceeds ongoing training. Visit your website for an ext details.

post on may 25, 2013. carried to you by patch.


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