FOREST HILL, Texas – The male who rammed his automobile into a fort Worth-area church then beat the pastor to fatality with an electric guitar reportedly suffered indigenous a mental illness, his widow said.

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Speaking after a prayer vigil because that the Rev. Danny Kirk Sr. Tuesday night, Shanellia Harris Birdow stated she does not understand why Derrick Anthony Birdow attacked the minister the vault day. She is a member of better Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in forest Hill, however he had only attend a few times and also did not understand the pastor, she said.

"He to be sick, really sick ... Holy spirit ill. ... Also these last couple of days (before the attack) he to be trying to gain help, yet he didn"t acquire it," she said, adding that he had never been diagnosed through a mental disorder. She did no say as soon as he began showing indications of a psychological illness.

Forest Hill police to speak Derrick Birdow, 33, rammed his vehicle into a church wall, attacked the minister in the parking lot, chased him inside and fatally beat him with an electric guitar that he uncovered in the building. Police used a shock gun ~ above Birdow, who was later discovered unresponsive in a patrol car and also pronounced dead at a hospital.

The Tarrant County clinical Examiner"s Office has actually not yet released Birdow"s cause of death or toxicology report.

Kirk, 53, died at the scene. Kirk"s funeral is set for Saturday at an excellent Commission Baptist Church in adjacent Fort Worth.

Shanellia Birdow said the pair were not separated "but he was going through some things." She decreased to elaborate. She stated he did not use drugs.

She said it was complicated for her to to visit the vigil but that she want to express she sorrow at what happened.

"I want them to recognize I didn"t have anything to do with it," she said. "I don"t recognize the reasons. I don"t have answers come the questions that lock have."

Earlier Tuesday, Derrick Birdow"s older brothers told The linked Press the he drove indigenous his mountain Antonio home last weekend due to the fact that he was worried about Birdow"s increasingly bizarre habits in the past week. Glenn Birdow said that his younger brothers was saying human being were trying to kill him and that someone had stuck a needle in his arm.

"The human that ns knew to be loving and caring, and also he was not a killer," said Glen Birdow, 39. "I simply don"t know what happened. I"m therefore sorry for the pastor"s family."

Tarrant county court records show that in 2004, Derrick Birdow pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and also was sentenced to five years in prison. Glenn Birdow said his brother believed a man had stolen money indigenous him and police refused to help, and then he shot the man.

Derrick Birdow additionally served 35 work in jail in 2004 because that a misdemeanor drunken steering charge, court documents show. In 2000, he obtained 45 days in jail for misdemeanor assault of a household member, and in 1999 he to be sentenced to 120 job in jail because that possessing a regulated substance, court documents show.

On Monday, his cousin, Christopher Henderson, claimed that Derrick Birdow had actually been "out the his head" the previous week, saying human being were ~ him and believed that someone had offered him drugs.

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"He"s just been exhilaration off the wall," Henderson said The AP exterior the church.


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