Two premier chefs occupational to transform a team the hopeless cooks native kitchen catastrophes to kitchen masters, and the last recruit stand wins $25,000.

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Award-winning blogger and best-selling cookbook writer Ree Drummond shares her distinct brand that home cooking from down on the ranch. She create menus because that every occasion, indigenous last-minute family members suppers to elegant celebrations.

Turning approximately a failing restaurant is a daunting difficulty under the ideal of circumstances. Attempting to perform it in just two work with only $10,000 may be impossible. But Chef Robert Irvine is prepared to take it on the challenge.

The country's top bakers do springtime treats as they complete to victory challenges and also a $25,000 prize.

Some that the many formidable chefs in the country battle to find out who cuisine reigns supreme. Hold Alton Brown determines who will earn the right to confront a legend Iron cook in the an enig Ingredient Showdown.

Duff Goldman is no your usual baker. Native a tilted Dr. Seuss seven-tiered wedding cake come an nearly perfect replica the Wrigley Field, he and his team that artists food up sugar and spice in entertaining and also unexpected ways.
Pop culture, comedy and also plain great eating: Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes cook customs and also explores brand-new food trends.
Ayesha Curry is a cookbook author, mom and wife come NBA player Stephen Curry. This busy mommy loves to cook and also entertain because that family and also friends. Sign up with Ayesha in her residence kitchen as she share fuss-free, delicious recipes because that every occasion!
Competitors race to turn secret ingredients into extraordinary three-course meals. This compete is all about skill, speed and also ingenuity.
Competitors race to turn mystery ingredients right into extraordinary three-course meals. This competition is all about skill, speed and ingenuity.
Bobby Flay and also his chief friends mentor the country's most-respected barbecue pitmasters in an extreme competition. In ~ stake is the location of understand of 'Cue and the chance to be featured in a brand-new series top top Food Network digital.
Competitors gyeongju to turn an enig ingredients into extraordinary three-course meals. This competition is all around skill, speed and also ingenuity.
It's an all-out BBQ brawl once three groups go head-to-head in this backyard competition. The teams judge each various other on baddest rig, many delicious barbecue and also best party! i m sorry team will take residence $10,000 and BBQ braggin' rights?
The best cupcake bakers in the nation are dubbed to hit to who has the finest cupcakes. In this battle of frosting and sugar, there is only one winner.
Guy Fieri sends out talented chefs running with the aisles for the chance to make some significant dough. They confront real-world obstacles as they complete to be the last chef was standing in this high-stakes cooking competition.

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Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman compete in a series of bake-offs that test your dessert skills. The judges will crown one winner, placing an end to the best feud in baking history.