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News release Date: might 15, 2020Contact: Kathy Faz, 719-582-0258

– good Sand Dunes nationwide Park and also Preserve will rise recreational accessibility through a phased method following guidance native the White House, Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC), and state and local public health authorities. A phased approach will permit the park come adhere to every guidance, reduce dangers to visitors and also staff, and also promote for sure recreational opportunities. An excellent Sand Dunes proceeds to monitor the State the Colorado “Safer at Home” guidance and also to work-related with county and also local officials as these changes are implemented. An excellent Sand Dunes is in Alamosa and Saguache counties.This summer’s operation will watch different. The park has implemented many strategies to ensure that visitors deserve to still gain the park while additionally minimizing potential risks.Beginning June 3, Great Sand Dunes will implement phase 1 and reopen access to:

Main park road

Dunes parking area and also dunefield

Medano pass Primitive roadway (if road problems allow), including developed campsites top top a first-come, first-served basis

All trails: Mosca Pass, Montville Nature, Sand sheet Loop, Wellington Ditch, Dunes Overlook, Sand Ramp, Medano Lake, and Music Pass

All picnic areas: Mosca Creek, Sand Pit, and Castle Creek

Entrance Station, consisting of the repertoire of fees if authorized

With public health in mind, the adhering to facilities or areas remain closeup of the door until further notice:

Visitor Center

South Ramada group picnic website in the Mosca Creek Picnic Area

Pinon Flats Campground

Overnight backcountry access in the nationwide Park, including the dune field and sites along the Sand Ramp Trail

While the visitor facility remains closed, the park will certainly provide minimal visitor services exterior at the visitor center, consisting of park information.Great Sand Dunes plans come reopen the Pinon Flats Campground and also begin issuing backcountry permits for both the Park and also Preserve in mid-June as component of phase 2; however, phase 2 is arbitrarily upon effective implementation of phase 1, sufficient staff capacity and also supplies, and also current local and also state guidance.“We room excited come welcome visitors back to the park and also support our local communities,” claimed Park Superintendent Pamela Rice. “As the public returns come the park, us ask the they practice social distancing and follow national and state guidance to store park staff, local residents and also the basic public safe.”Alamosa county Public health and wellness Director Della Cox-Vieira stated, “I have confidence in the arrangement for reopening the good Sand Dunes nationwide Park and Preserve. The Park has done a good job balancing the public health and wellness needs of their visitors and also staff together they boost public access to the national treasure in our backyard. I remind all travellers to practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, and face extending in the common areas of the Park.”Upon re-opening, service practices will certainly be put right into place come ensure the safety and security of visitors and staff when connecting at the enntrance gate station, campground, visitor center and also public restroom facilities. As soon as recreating, us encourage the public to follow local area health and wellness orders, practice Leave No map principles, protect against crowding, practice proper hand washing, avoid high-risk the end activities, and wear fabric face masks in overfilled areas, especially roughly the visitor center and restroom facilities.The health and also safety of ours visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners continues to be paramount. At good Sand Dunes, our operational method will be to examine each facility function and service noted to ensure those operations comply with present public health and wellness guidance and will be consistently monitored. We continue to work carefully with the Office the Public health using CDC guidance to ensure windy facilities and staff workspaces space safe and clean because that visitors, employees, partners, and volunteers. The CDC has readily available guidance to help people recreating in parks and open spaces prevent the spread of transmittable diseases. We will proceed to monitor all park features to for sure that tourists adhere come CDC guidance because that mitigating risks connected with the infection of COVID-19 and take any additional steps necessary to protect public health.

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