Ever because the docuseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy affluent aired on may 27th, 2020, the net of lies & horrors Epstein had weaved have continued to unravel. The billionaire passed away in his cell of apparent suicide ~ his arrest in Teterboro, new Jersey back in 2019, leave a cable of unanswered questions and broken stays behind him. 

To this day, the public is still haunted by the areas where Epstein committed his heinous crimes, specifically little St. James. The personal island off the coast of Florida in the Virgin islands had plenty of names consisting of “Pedophile Island”, “Island the Sin”, and other sinister titles speaking to the awful acts women confronted if they arrived at its shores. 

But what occurred to the island currently that Epstein is gone? What does tiny St. James look like now that two years have passed and also some questions have still unable to do unanswered? let’s dive into the current fate that Jeffrey Epstein’s island, little St. James.


For Sale 

These two lawsuits were unexpectedly the the very least of the estate’s problems as, on February 4th, 2021, the legacy ran the end of cash to support the Epstein victim Compensation Fund, which was established in June 2020. It had stated that as result of running dry, new claims can not it is in accepted, and payouts were frozen. 

The estate witnessed no various other option however to put its properties, including small St. James, because that sale. The fund was replenished as of in march 13th, 2021 through the sale of Epstein’s brand-new York City and also Palm beach properties, but tiny St. James still has its “for sale” sign up. 

Interest in to buy the island to be high earlier in February 2021 however there has actually been small said on the subject since.

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This might be because of the non-disclosure agreements signed through both potential buyers and Newland actual Estates, i beg your pardon is connected in the sale. 

Have any type of updated details on the fate of small St. James? Comment below to keep us every updated on the fate of this island that nightmares.