Definitely! If her looking come emulate Chick-Fil-A’s infamous sauce indigenous the lull of your home, this is the product because that you. It’s a sweet and also smoky thick sauce that would certainly be a good addition come a selection of dishes, not just chicken.

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To glance in ~ this product on the keep shelf, you’d it is in forgiven for overlooking the rather understated bottle. Actually that’s gift overly kind, badged as it is v the fairy utilitarian an excellent Value branding it looks down right basic. Presentationally that is a really low an essential affair, also the surname “chicken dipping sauce” is functional in the extreme.

You’d be way to look past the an easy exterior though. The sauce is Walmart’s answer come the much craved dipping sauce indigenous Chick-Fil-A; love so much, by for this reason many, you’ll even find sellers hocking packets of the stuff end on Ebay. That’s some devotion, civilization don’t Ebay ketchup packets…

I don’t think I’m best placed to say definitively how specifically this matches the renowned chains own brand – however experts to speak it’s aficionados reckon its damned close, and that’s great enough because that me.

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Taste wise, the sauce provides a sweet and smoky blend. Imagine a honey sweetened mustard sauce, infused with just a tiny BBQ sauce to loan smoky undertones. There’s also some creaminess right here too, for this reason imagine rather a blend of mayo, honey mustard and also a dash of BBQ sauce.

I got hold of the bottle fully on a whim and I’m glad ns did. For sure I’ll be utilizing this top top chicken, yet I deserve to imagine a ranch of other offers from livening increase a selection of sandwiches with to helping placed some pop in salads.

Great value Chicken Dipping Sauce

Here’s the sauce alongside part chicken tenders:

Great value Chicken Dipping Sauce v tenders
Great value Chicken Dipping Sauce enveloping tender

Great value Chicken Dipping Sauce nutrition and ingredients

Great worth Chicken Dipping Sauce ingredients, nutrition

How lot is an excellent Value Chicken Dipping Sauce?

As of February 2019 i paid $1.97 for a 12 ouch party of this sauce. Thats more than a well price through me.