GALVESTON, Texas — yes sir a great white shark it is made it to our next of the Gulf of Mexico and also you have the right to track she movement.

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First off, no should worry. It"s far offshore. The shark – called ‘Acadia’ – is tagged and gave turn off a signal Thursday, showing it was around 150 miles turn off the Galveston coast. That the second signal from the shark in the past month.

“This morning, castle heard from her again at around 8:32 a.m. And it was what’s called a Z-ping,” claimed underwater filmmaker and also shark conservationist Paul Cater Dean. “That way the fin and the tracking machine that was attached come it didn’t emerge from the water long sufficient to give a solid hit, and therefore the data to be inconclusive, but what it does tell us is that she’s in every likelihood still out below in about the very same location, although she may at this point be turning around to head earlier home because the waters room warming up again.”

Acadia is a 1,600-pound, 10.5-foot mrs sub-adult shark that was tagged turn off the coast of Nova Scotia on Sept. 29. The website OSeach monitor tagged shark movement and also showed that she made the monitor to ours area in less than five months.

In the video clip above, those speaking are, in order: Dr. Gregory Skomal through Massachusetts marine Fisheries and current head that the Massachusetts Shark research Program, adhered to by Sylvia Earle v Mission Blue, then Dr. Larry McKinney v the Harte research study Institute at Texas A&M body Christi and also Underwater Filmmaker and shark conservationist Paul Cater Deaton.

While good whites making it close come Galveston isn’t a constant thing, it’s no uncommon, either. Dr. Gregory Skomal, a biologist v Massachusetts naval Fisheries and current head that the Massachusetts Shark study Program, says it’s comparable to people up phibìc heading southern for the winter.

“White sharks are remarkable critters, that they carry out these really vast scale annual migrations and also I guarantee that shark comes right ago up to brand-new England this comes summer,” that said.

And nothing worry about Acadia relocating close to the coast. Follow to Dr. Larry McKinney with the Harte study Institute in ~ Texas A&M corpus Christi, they’ll continue to be offshore.

“We’ll occasionally see white sharks the will endeavor into the Gulf. Castle don’t commonly come in an extremely far and they nothing come as much as the Texas coast, for example,” stated McKinney. “But they acquire into the middle component of the Gulf and also they’ll head earlier out.”

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