BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Gulf that Mexico is residence to a new good white shark.

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A group of researchers and scientists have actually tracked the good white indigenous Nova Scotia all the method to the Louisiana gulf coast.

OCEARCH says this is the first time they’ve tracked a white shark come this area.

“Is this a whole new piece come the white shark puzzle?” the group tweeted on Feb. 24.

Wow look wherein white shark Unama’ki is! She has actually moved west the the Mississippi river in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the first time we’ve tracked a white shark to this area off the coast of Louisiana. Is this a whole new piece to the white shark puzzle?


The shark, Unama’ki, is one adult mrs white shark that was initially tagged in September that 2019. She 15′5″ long and weighs 2,076 pounds. She is one of the largest sharks ever caught in the northeast and also the biggest one at this time being tracked through OCEARCH.


"Unama’ki can be showing us a whole new piece that the white shark puzzle. The much more than 2,000-pound female has actually crossed west the the Mississippi flow in the Gulf the Mexico and is pinging in an area we have actually never tracked a white shark to before."(OCEARCH)

Unamaki’s track, which starts off the coast of Nova Scotia, has taken she 3,120 miles in 103 days around the Florida peninsula come the Gulf the Mexico.

OCEARCH says it’s feasible she’s headed to Texas. “She’s a shark top top the move!” lock said.

White shark Unama’ki seems to have discovered some of the cooler water obtainable in the Gulf that Mexico appropriate now. The water temperature at her many recent ping turn off the Louisiana coast is roughly 70 levels Fahrenheit.


Unama’ki’s location near Louisiana might be far-ranging as large an excellent white sharks do not generally travel that much north right into the Gulf that Mexico, especially huge females.

It has actually been recognized for a lengthy time that great white sharks visit the Gulf, yet the majority of their activity there continues to be a an enig since data to adjust on their motions in the region are lacking compared to other areas in the Northwest Atlantic.

As a big mature female, Unama’ki has actually the potential to lead us to the website where she offers birth and also exposes a brand-new white shark nursery.

Several various other mako, hammerhead, tiger, and bull sharks have additionally been pinged newly in the Gulf waters and near the coastline of Florida.

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OCEARCH is a data-centric organization developed to assist scientists collect formerly unattainable data in the ocean. Your team that 174 scientists have tagged 416 pets over 34 expeditions. Their first mission was in 2007 come Guadalupe Island, Mexico.