These shocking shark strike videos catch the moment when sharks assault humans. WARNING - part videos are graphic and also potentially upsetting.

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This choice of shark attack videos has actually shocked the civilization in recent times. Shark assaults are extremely unlikely and real footage of castle is an extremely rare.

Shark attacks are almost everyone’s worst nightmare… and for these ominous people, your nightmares come true.

If you space intrigued by sharks attacking humans, then these videos space for you. But first, a couple of warnings and important points.

Important Information about Shark Attacks

Shark strikes are extremely unlikely. There are roughly 130 shark strike “incidents” every year, and also only a few of those an outcome in death. Once you take into consideration there room 7.6 billion civilization on this earth then the odds of the happening to you space astronimcal!These videos are sometimes shocking and also graphic. Please continue with caution and also note the they space not suitable for children.

Now with that the end of the way, that time to present this surpsing arsenal of videos showing sharks attack humans

Shark assault Videos – proceed with Caution!

This shark attack video clip roundup consists of some of the many shocking and also graphic footage from real-life attacks.

These videos encompass sharks attacking skilled surfers, young swimmers, divers and kayakers.

1 – Kayaker in a surprised Shark Attack

In our very first video, we check out a lone kayaker in south Africa filming self on a an installed GoPro.

Just a few seconds in, the kayak and also camera is turn upside down as something strikes from below…

2 – Diver Forgets how Dangerous Sharks can Be

This diver in Papua brand-new Guinea is plainly experienced and also probably knows this area that the ocean an extremely well. He is seen interacting with sharks and also sea life, but then something unanticipated happens.

Let this it is in a lesson the you should constantly respect wildlife.

3 – A small Shark v a huge Attitude

Now because that something a tiny bit much more light-hearted! This small shark come close come bathers in the Jersey coast waters and also gives lock a little bit of a shock.

Ok, we can’t really call this a shark attack, however this is the calm before the storm.. There are some really shocking videos below.

4 – an excellent White Sharks Bites off a girls Leg

This video clip from 1994 is the most graphic we have actually seen. Somewhere off the coast of Chile, a team of what looks choose holidaymakers are swimming in the ocean near their boat.

The video footage and also the screams will tell you every you have to know around this attack.

5 – Shark attacks a Jetskier and Dolphin ~ above a Florida Beach

This video shows the results of an occurrence in Florida, where a Jet skier jumped right into the water through a dolphin. Unfortunately, a Shark also showed up.

Luckily, we recognize that the Jet skier escaped unharmed.

6 – good White Shark attacks a expert Surfer

In this renowned clip, experienced surfer Mick Fanning is struck by a shark while contending in a competition.

This professional footage and also commentary recorded the entire incident.

7 – Shark skilled is attacked By Surprise!

In this video, a shark professional is filming a documentary and also is suddenly attacked by a Bull Shark.

This is a an excellent reminder the no matter just how much we think we know around sharks, us should constantly respect them in their herbal environment.

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8 – male Loses Both foot in good White Shark attack in Cape Town, south Africa

A British guy enters the water learning there room sharks in the area. He is ruthlessly attacked and loses a leg throughout the attack, and also his other later as result of complications.

What carry out you think of this Shark attack Videos?

We would love to know what you think of this videos. Have actually you seen any type of other strike videos? have actually they changed your opinion top top sharks?