A Florida fishing captain with a boat named “Offshore Therapy” saw something much less than therapeutic on her recent fishing trip: a an excellent white shark.

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Erika Almond and several friends to be fishing in around 200 feet of water around 65 mile south-southwest the Tampa just when an extremely large good white shark approached the boat and also tried come bite it, follow to Fox 13.

Almond common photos and video of the conference on her Facebook page saying, “Seriously among the coolest experience I’ve ever before had offshore! We had a 14-16 foot an excellent white shark circle ours boat, bite the motors and also the boat, and also roll top top its ago for around two to three hours! 65 miles offshore in the Gulf. No words.”

Video reflects the shark gets close to the boat and makes lot of attempts come bite the motor.

Seriously among the coolest experiences I’ve ever had offshore! We had a 14-16 foot an excellent White shark circle ours boat,...

Posted by Erika Almond onFriday, January 22, 2021

According to Almond, the shark walk this for about two or three hrs as it circled she boat, even rolling top top its back.

In among the photos, one of Almond’s friend is seen reaching out to touch the shark.

“The white sharks are moving right now to Florida’s warmer waters and also their populace is definitely growing, i m sorry is good for the ocean,” Dr. Robert Hueter, manager of the center for Shark research study at MOTE said Fox 13.

Few shark attacks in 2020, however fatalities spikes

Shark assaults decreased because that the third consecutive year, falling to 57 unprovoked bites global in 2020, follow to the annual summary issued by the college of Florida’s global Shark strike File.

Florida male is bitten through shark, walks home bleeding

A Florida man has actually been bitten by a shark and walked home bleeding wherein a woman dubbed 911 and also had him required to a hospital.

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10-foot good white shark pings off Crescent beach

Andromache, a 10-feet, 8-inch sub-adult female an excellent white shark “pinged” at 8:43 p.m. On Tuesday right off Crescent Beach, Florida just south the St. Augustine Beach.

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