A TERRIFIED surfer screamed "help me" as a good White shark ripped his arm off in front of panicked beachgoers.

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Witnesses called of the fear as the man in his late 20s was fatally mauled by the ferocious beast off Emerald beach in Coffs Harbour, Australia.




Other surfers to be told to stay out the the waterCredit: AP

Four ambulance crews and also a rescue helicopter rushed come the step after the male was spotted in ~ 10.45am regional time top top Sunday.

Horrified onlookers called of the grisly scenes together the man's arm showed up to have actually been torn off in the savage shark attack.

"I was out in the surf and also I heard screaming," one witness told the everyday Telegraph Australia.

"I paddled more out come the water and also saw a guy without an arm, there was numerous blood.

"He was shouting ‘help me’ - people were do the efforts to get him out to the shore.

"I saw paramedics performing CPR on that for about an hour and also a fifty percent trying to save them."

The onlooker said the attack made him nervous about getting back in the water.



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"I really feel for the dude’s family — the a popular beach. Okay get ago in water however not for a while," that said.

Many civilization were top top the coast celebrating Australia's Father's Day as soon as the shark struck.

It is thought the beast that assaulted him was a great White shark.

Locals defined the chaotic scenes, with one telling 9News: "I saw a lady operation down. Everyone was yelling (to) gain out the the water."

The male lost aware as he made it earlier to the sand, and beachgoers attempted to revive him prior to ambulances arrived.

Paramedics said the victim had suffered "significant injuries" come his arm and also back.

NSW Ambulance Inspector chris Wilson, who valiantly battled to save the surfer, fought earlier tears as he announced his fatality on TV.

"A masculine in his approximate late 20s sustained significant injuries come his upper body, which has actually resulted in major bl — ns can't also say that," the paramedic stuttered. 

"It to be a terrible for everyone on the beach this morning."

Emerald beach is about 15 minutes phibìc of Coffs Harbour and also is well-known with surfers.

Shortly ~ the assault an emergency helicopter lower a physician onto the beach together paramedics tried desperately to revive the surfer.

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Medics collection up a makeshift ICU unit on the sand - however sadly the man might not be saved.

Australia critical year saw one of the nation's most dangerous on record in terms of shark assaults - through 18 unprovoked bites, six of which to be fatal.

It has actually been speculated much more people continuing to be home because of Covid lockdowns may have driven an ext people to regional beaches, possibly leading to more shark attacks.

Rising sea temperature have additionally been speculated to have led to much more sharks swimming closer come shore in search of food.