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Two great white sharks to be spotted near the Cape Cod coast Wednesday, an exciting uncover for researchers that say they are seeing enhanced early-season task by the s predators this year.

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The an initial shark, i m sorry experts think is a 14-footer, make its figure shortly before 10 a.m. Simply a couple of hundred feet from shore Guard coast in Eastham. State shark biologist Gregory Skomal later on affixed a tracking tag come the animal about a half-mile from shore.

Skomal, that was working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Wednesday, tagged a 2nd shark around 2:21 p.m., about a half-mile off south Beach close to the Chatham Southway. The shark measured around 15 feet, researchers said.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy executive director Cynthia Wigren stated signals indigenous the tags are picked increase by receivers along the coastline so researchers can study the sharks’ movements.

Wigren stated sharks are commonly seen close come shore, adding that countless beaches have actually signs warning world of the feasible presence of the animals. It’s much more unusual come tag two sharks in someday she said, and to have actually observed so many by this point in the summer.

The two sharks Wednesday to be the third and 4th to be tagged this season.

“We had actually a gentle winter, so the is possible that v milder or warmer weather temperatures the sharks might be moving into the area earlier, yet we should look into it further prior to we make any kind of assumptions,” Wigren said. “We’ll either see that activity is peaking earlier this year or the is possible an increase all at once in the season.”

A_WhiteShark, simply tagged the third white shark that 2016 off Cape ko (Coastguard Beach). Pic.twitter.com/mgkLvtRWzf

— Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (

It is yet to be determined if the sharks, both of typical size, are male or female. The details gathered by the sign will help researchers learn more about them, and Wigren stated she is thankful that the expedition Wednesday to be a success.

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“The tagging of the sharks is not necessarily dependence on how countless we see, whatever has to be perfect aligned for the to happen,” Wigren said.