The leopard shark is the many predominant shark uncovered in mountain Francisco Bay. Sport and also commercial fishermen seek this shark, as it is marketed together a food source. The leopard shark can flourish up to 6 feet long and also are known for your beautiful markings.

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The leopard shark greatly feeds on tiny fish and invertebrates.The brown smoothhound shark is the second most numerous shark discovered in the Bay. The smoothhound is brownish-gray and can flourish up to three feet in length. This shark is a bottom dweller and also feeds on ghost shrimp, small fish, crabs, and also worms. The California sea lions find them to it is in a tasty treat and also are their top predator.If you space wondering what the Bay’s greatest marine predator is, that would be the broadnose sevengill shark. you guessed it, this shark gets its name from the seven gills ~ above the sides of the head. Lock usually thrive to around 10 feet and also can weigh up to approximately 230 pounds. They have the right to be wild if provoked; therefore, they can be dangerous.The soupfin or tope shark has a bluish come a dusky gray color and grows to six feet long. There is an developed market because that it, so, therefore, the is harvested throughout the range. In Asia, the soupfin shark’s huge fins are very valued because that their usage in soups.The spiny dogfish shark is a slow swimmer and also can be found virtually worldwide. Named for the spine the protrudes indigenous the front of its dorsal fin, it may live as much as a hundred years and rarely grows longer than 40 inches.As you can see, none of these sharks strike fear into people’s hearts. But what around the great white shark? no the Bay have actually a call for being a hotbed of an excellent white activity?

Great White Sharks

Well, no quite. While great white sharks are occasionally seen close to the gold Gate Bridge, they seldom stray right into the Bay’s main waters. great whites are most abundant close to the Farallon Islands, 35 miles west of the gold Gate Bridge. The islands are designated as a protected National Wildlife Refuge and as a National marine Sanctuary, therefore they are closed come the public.
Rugged and teeming through wildlife, the Farallons are house to large numbers of sea lions and elephant seals, 2 of the great white’s favourite prey. Scientists calculation there are at the very least 80 shark attacks about the Farallons during the elevation of loss shark season, which is often referred to as “Sharktober.” However, like various other Bay shark numbers, the in its entirety seasonal an excellent white shark population is unknown, with approximates from thirty to more than one hundred.Bay Area Answers fun Fact: The most recent great white sighting in the Bay was in July 2019 once a fisherman by chance hooked an eight-footer close to Alcatraz. The shark dragged the boat for one hour and two miles prior to the fisherman reduced the line, i beg your pardon is compelled by law. An excellent white sharks have been protected in California’s waters since 1994, and it is illegal to catch, pursue, hunt, capture, or kill a great white shark.

Survival obstacles Facing only Sharks

As with any of the other naval life varieties that live in the Bay, sharks confront grave environmental challenges due to toxins, heavy metals, plastic, and also other forms of contamination that finish up in the water of the Bay. The overfishing, dredging, and human use of the Bay additionally contribute to the sharks’ challenges and all the other aquatic life that stays there.Of those, pollution poses the most significant risk to sharks and the human being who eat them. Bottom feeders prefer leopard and smoothhound sharks accumulate within their bodies toxins, pesticides, mercury, and also heavy metals they ingest native feeding top top creatures that live in the often-contaminated sediment of the only floor. because of this, California health and wellness authorities introduce that ladies under 45 and also children under 17 have to not eat any form of shark caught in the Bay. Because that others, one serving a week is considered safe. Those who carry out indulge say that leopard shark tastes like salmon.Bay sharks likewise often challenge dangers from sea lions and other sharks choose the predatory sevengill shark. Parasites are likewise a far-ranging threat and were responsible for huge kill-offs of only sharks in 2011, 2017, and 2019.

Where come Swim with Fishes (and Sharks):

While there are plenty of areas in san Francisco whereby you deserve to learn come scuba dive, yes, really diving point out in the instant San Francisco area room scarce. The only Area’s finest scuba diving experience are found along the mountain Mateo coast, in the Santa Cruz area, and Monterey, a stunning area of organic beauty, two hours south of san Francisco. It’s home to the famous Monterey bay Aquarium and miles of the most incredible coastline you may ever before see.Perhaps the best way to gain up nearby and an individual with the sea creatures native to the mountain Francisco Bay is by visiting Aquarium that the Bay at Pier 39 top top Fisherman’s Wharf. There you’ll see many of the sharks discussed earlier, and bat rays, colleges of anchovies, sturgeon, the large Pacific octopus, jellyfish, and also the bizarre California sheephead. Visit the aquarium’s website for info on tickets and also special events.

In Conclusion

The sharks of the Bay could not be a particularly scary lot, and also they’re more than likely most likely an ext fearful the you 보다 you are of them. In fact, with median water temperature of 56°F, hypothermia poses much more of a danger to just swimmers than attacks by sharks or any kind of other naval creature.

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So, venture into the Bay, if girlfriend dare. Just don’t be afraid of the sharks.