Kids love sharks. It’s just a truth of life. Why not take advantage of the fascination for some awesome pet learning? us rounded up our favorite shark videos for children for you to share v your students! check them out:

Wild Kratts Sharks: Predator and Prey

We’re huge fans that Wild Kratts for pet content. In this episode, Martin and Chris learn around the plenty of different varieties of sharks that roam the deep blue sea. Check out this various other shark episode with the Kratt Brothers, too!

Cool Facts about Sharks

You can constantly count on national Geographic children for high-quality content. This one is full of funny facts, like exactly how you’re much more likely to acquire injured by a toilet than struck by a shark.

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Live Shark Cam—Monterey only Aquarium

Invite your students to sharpen your observation an abilities with this live feeding from the Monterey just Aquarium. View if they deserve to spot sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish, and also the elusive Pacific angel shark.

Shark Dive: What Sam Sees

Another gem native NatGeo Kids, this video clip follows scuba diver Sam as she goes listed below the surface of the Atlantic s to inspect out among the world’s biggest and also baddest predators. Examine her the end again as she swims v a small shark!

Sharks for Kids: an excellent White vs. Hammerhead

This is together a fun method to learn about the difference between these two varieties of sharks. Hear from the an excellent White and the Hammerhead themselves in this charming man video.

Sharks’ feeling of Smell

This video clip is a an excellent option for some fast facts about sharks, specifically around their an effective senses. Like exactly how they deserve to smell 10,000 times better than humans! It’s component of a playlist v other quick videos around everything native why sharks don’t have actually bones to just how scientists examine them.

5 Facts around Sharks That will certainly Make your JAWS Drop

This high-energy video opens v a fact that will blow her kids’ minds: as soon as a shark swallows something the can’t digest, the vomits its entire stomach the end of its mouth and also then pulls it ago in.

Why Megalodon (Definitely) go Extinct

Your dinosaur lovers will be fascinated by this video clip about the largest shark in history—Megalodon, the ocean’s apex predator for an ext than 10 million years.

Shark Facts

This is a nice tiny video from DK, featuring all different types of sharks, consisting of whale sharks, thresher sharks, and sand tiger sharks. I m sorry is her favorite?

Super Sharks!

Jessi and Squeaks hold SciShow Kids, and also in this episode, they take on what makes a shark… a shark!

Investigating the mysterious Whale Sharks that Mafia Island

Go behind the scenes v researchers as they try to find out why this endangered varieties doesn’t migrate.

Hammertime: Dive right into the people of the good Hammerhead Shark

This totality channel (Sharks because that Kids) is pretty cool. In this video, founder Jillian dives into the human being of the an excellent Hammerhead.

Breaching Basking Sharks

Your children will want to obtain a load of this bizarre-looking creatures—the second-largest sharks behind the whale shark.

Shark flower from Egg

You’d be tough pressed to find a an ext captivating 25 seconds of nature video clip than the town hall this leopard shark flower from its egg case.

Check the end The top 6 epos Shark run Moves

Dancing sharks? friend bet! Your youngsters will love seeing this sharks breach.

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