Buying megalodon teeth deserve to be confusing. There are so plenty of grades, shapes, colors, and sizes. What is important? to be I gaining a great deal? These and other questions might be going with your head when buying a meg tooth.

For me the most crucial factor is “why room you buying this tooth?” The reasons are as differed as the selections in teeth. The perfect tooth for your needs might be quite various than those the another. If you are buying a tooth as a gift it may be a tiny more complicated than buying for your own collection. The considerations are the same. An instance may highlight the end of the spectrum.

If i were purchase Megalodon teeth for a 10 year old son who loves fossils and also has a usually fossil collection and also does not have any kind of megalodon teeth in it ns would try to gain the best tooth the fit in ~ my budget. A 5 inch tooth the was 50% finish can be purchased for in between $15 and $30. This would make a great starter tooth. In a slightly greater price variety a 3 to 4 customs tooth that had actually some damage but was 90% intact would run between $30 come $90. A tooth from either group would joy a ten year old.

If you provided the exact same tooth to someone through an already impressive repertoire of Megalodon teeth they would certainly not it is in so thrilled.

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If you are buying megalodon teeth for yourself all of the above is moot. You already know what you want. Review on because that a few tips on obtaining the best tooth for your money.

Megalodon this are very much like a super-sized variation of the great White Shark teeth. There room some differences. The many notable of this is the darker chevron shaped area in between the root and the tongue of the tooth. This area is dubbed the bourlette. Other distinctions are the serrations in ~ the sheet of the tooth. These space finer than in the white shark and an ext regular.

SizeMegalodon teeth are very prized through fossil collectors, especially huge teeth in fantastic condition. 2 to five inch teeth are relatively common. Teeth over five inches space sought after by collectors since of their rarity. This of this dimension in excellent problem sell for one to many thousands that dollars. 7 inch megalodon teeth have actually been found however these are exceptionally rare.


ColorFossilized megalodon teeth deserve to be virtually any color because they take it on the color of the sediments in which they room deposited. Most commercially obtainable teeth room dark gray, black, or brown in color. This is because they come from similar areas; tidal rivers of the south east United States. These rivers have tendency to be affluent in phosphates that color the fossils. Various other colors are more rare and therefore generally command a greater price.

Only A Mega-Dentist Knows for SureWhat component of the shark’s mouth a tooth comes from determines that is shape, size, and of food price. The classic big triangular teeth come native the prior of the mouth. These are an ext popular v collectors and also command a higher price. The megalodon this from the behind of the mouth often tend to be quick and vast and occasionally offset come one side.

Rarity has A Price TagThe specifying characteristic of megalodon shark is size. For this reason it complies with that larger megalodon teeth are more sought after than smaller sized ones. In enhancement very big teeth (over 6 inches) room rare. This offers us the general rule of thumb: the larger the this the higher the price. Perfect and also near perfect teeth are rare. Why? castle have withstood millions that years. To acquire through that without a nick or scrape is nearly impossible. In addition teeth are often damaged while tho in use. Imagine the bite power this awesome animal had. Therefore the second rule of ignorance is: The closer to perfect condition the higher the price. Certain qualities that influence price are:

Is the enamel intact?Is the root complete?Are the edge chipped?Are the edges and point of the this sharp?Are the serrations complete and well defined?Is the Bourlette visible and also complete?Is there distinctive coloring? (gray, brown, and also black are common) other colors space usually in ~ a premium.

Price RangesAdding megalodon teeth to your collection will take some commitment on your part. They space not cheap. The is possible to pick up a tiny (3 inch) this with far-ranging damage for $20 to $50. A yes, really nice one of this size deserve to run $200 to $250. Teeth in the 4 inch variety run indigenous $30 to $100 through damage and $150 come $400 for high quality specimens. The price because that 5 inch this jumps significantly. Damaged this of this size are $60 to $250. High high quality teeth of this size run between $250 and also $500 or more. For big teeth (6 inch) suppose to pay over $300 if they space beat up looking and also $800 to numerous thousands and more for a high top quality 6 customs tooth.

The need for large high high quality megalodon teeth far exceeds the supply. As a an outcome the price of these rare teeth has been steadily raising year after year making this fossils an excellent investments the will gain value over time.

Note: This short article was composed in 2006. While the info is still usually true the prices have gone increase considerably.

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