Pastor Billy G. Russell is the Retired senior Pastor of higher Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN due to the fact that December 2001. Pastor Russell has been blessed and also guided by the holy Spirit to relocate the physical ar of the church native a smaller location to a facility through a sanctuary which seats an ext than 600 congregants, many classrooms, larger kitchen, and also multipurpose rooms, and that homes a K-6 charter college with an typical of 125 students.

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Pastor Russell’s vision, “winning the world for Christ, with love,” is practiced by the better Friendship MBC congregation. Under the management of minister Russell, higher Friendship MBC “do church” rather of merely “going to church” by partnering with ar organizations, other community ministries, student tutoring programs, and with task Recovery and also Re-Entry programs. Through Pastor Russell’s vision of community, a branch of Faith holy bible Institute has been created with more than 30 graduates v a Biblical studies diploma. A partnership has been developed with Northwestern scriptures Institute, which also brings scriptures studies come the community.

Pastor Russell is honored to serve as chairman of Minnesota Baptist State Convention. He has served ~ above the Sabathani Community center board, Urban league as plank member, Here’s Life inner City advisory board, and also Isaiah Transportation and also Financial same Networks.

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Pastor Russell hails indigenous a huge southern household of 6 girls and also five boys. That experienced cultivation up in the church through his dad together pastor. At the tender age of 18, minister Russell offered himself come God and has walked solid upon the path ever since. As the second-born son, he succeeded at setup a standard, and also was the an initial of the boys to graduate indigenous college. He got a Bachelors of Science level in Physical education and learning with a minor in planet Science from college of Southern, MS, Hattiesburg, MS; Master’s degree in Education administration from william Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS; Masters degree in Christian Counselor, confidence Seminary, Tacoma, WA; and also is presently completing a doctorate degree in strategic Leadership, Tacoma, WA. Minister Russell also attended new Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, brand-new Orleans, LA, and also Reform Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS. He has actually received one honorary doctorate native St thomas Christian University, Jacksonville, FL.

Pastor Russell has served together pastor because 1982. He additionally served as college administrator for much more than 20 years.Singing has constantly been a enthusiasm of pastor Russell because he was 5 year old. The is a tune writer and also recording artist. Pastor Russell and his brothers have actually recorded 6 projects, which have actually reached hearts about the country. Minister Russell has been married come his wife, Theresa, since 1977, and also they space parents of 4 children: Nanita (deceased), Billy Charvez (Sharmaine), DeSha Shantrez and also Joseph LeBernardo, eight grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.